Bi-Weekly Webinars Provide Continuous Training for SwipeClock Partners

Aug 20, 2015

August 20, 2015—Snowbird, Utah—SwipeClock, a leading provider of integrated workforce management solutions, today announced a bi-weekly webinar series to provide continuous training for partners. The webinars about TimeWorksPlus and TimeSimplicity will provide focused and actionable information to help partners grow their businesses and support clients.

Topics for upcoming webinars include:

  • The importance of preparing the Employee Setup records within TimeWorksPlus with data that is crucial for a successful integration with TimeSimplicity.
  • Common terminology and definitions of TimeSimplicity.
  • Features that you and your clients may not be aware of such as the Custom Reports, Finalize Pay Period, and Multiple Timecard Editor.
  • Tips and the basic flow of providing a successful demo to your prospects in need of advanced scheduling.

“We are excited to offer our partners timely, focused, and actionable information through our new webinar series,” said Coleman Barney, CEO of SwipeClock. “By taking advantage of the free sessions, our partners will be able to grow their businesses more quickly and deliver even better support to their existing clients.”

The free bi-weekly webinars begin Thursday, August 27. Webinars on Thursday’s will focus on TimeWorksPlus. Friday’s webinars will be about TimeSimplicity. The full schedule will soon be available on SwipeClock website.

About SwipeClock

SwipeClock is a leader in simple and affordable workforce management services. Our more than 1,000 partners have empowered more than 30,000 businesses to reduce labor costs, comply with regulatory mandates, and maximize profits. SwipeClock cloud products (WorkforceHUB, TimeWorksPlus, TimeSimplicity) and hardware clocks (TimeWorksTouchTimeWorksTUFF and others) provide instant employee access to automated timekeeping, scheduling, leave management, HR dashboards, and other HR resources. With SwipeClock, employers transform labor from a cost of doing business to a competitive advantage.

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