Vendors in the Swipeclock Marketplace: Spotlight on PosterElite

Mar 12, 2024
Human Resources, Laws & Compliance

In our final spotlight of Swipeclock Marketplace vendors, we focus on PosterElite.

The workplace has evolved. The shift to remote work comes with new complexities. Employers are still required to stay on top of new and existing labor laws, sharing the information when all members of the workforce.

Changes in the Workplace Location

More than half of companies in the U.S. allow remote work. Even those that require in-person work may have hybrid employees or those working on the go. These shifts in the physical workplace have resulted in a lot of non-traditional worksites.

Communicating employee rights to the workforce is a legal requirement. But what happens when employees aren’t physically present at the workplace, where they can see the required posters?

Leverage turnkey solutions and strategies to solve a problem that many of your clients may not be aware of yet. PosterElite offers a digital labor law poster compliance solution for remote employees.

Online Labor Law Posters

In June of 2023, the governor of Illinois signed a new requirement into law. Employers must provide labor law posters to all employees who don’t regularly report to a physical workplace. In New York, a similar regulation is in place (New York Labor Law, Section 201, amendment). While this change is currently localized to just a few locations, compliance experts expect similar changes across the nation, so every employer needs to consider solutions.

PosterElite is an online labor law posting application that delivers digital labor law notices based on ZIP code or state. Through an API on the backend, employers and employees can retrieve notices by ZIP code or state in real time. Plus, clients of PosterElite can white-label the application, taking credit for providing these vital resources.

Employees can access the application through a link provided by the employer via email, on the company intranet site, or even the digital employee handbook. After inputting their location, the employee will view a customized poster page that includes all applicable notices.

Flexible Solution

With flexible offerings, PosterElite makes it easy to get the labor law posters needed to ensure compliance with changing regulations. Explore a partnership and provide your clients with what they need.

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