Intelligent, interactive clocks powered by the leading cloud-based timekeeping service TimeWorksPlus

TimeWorksTouch combines the latest in time clock technology with industry-proven, cloud-based time and attendance services. Streamline punch and payroll activities with greater accuracy to give managers powerful labor management and cost control tools.

Timekeeping Made Easy

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      Payroll & HR Managers

      Eliminate missed and unmatched punches, auto-sync timekeeping and payroll systems and significantly reduce processing time. Accommodate customized pay rules, compliance requirements and employee types.

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      Immediate insight and tools for absence and overtime management, leave planning, compliance, notifications and time card approvals.

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      Simplified and accurate punching, self-service approvals and time card visibility.

    TimeWorksTouch Features

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      Biometric Reader

      Positively identify fingerprints to prevent buddy punching

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      7-inch Color Touchscreen

      Custom prompts for transfers and job costing

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      Break Tracking

      Accurately track meals and breaks for compliance

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      Schedule Enforcement

      Prevent out-of-schedule punches to reduce overtime and unscheduled labor costs

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      Wi-Fi enabled, battery backup, on-site registration, off-line mode

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