Swipeclock Marketplace Round-Up

Jan 22, 2024
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In our recent Base Camp webinar held on January 18, 2024, Cary Snowden, marketing strategic director, covered the Swipeclock Marketplace and how it can help you support your clients and their needs. Check out the advantages of using the Swipeclock Marketplace to meet the needs of your clients.

What is the Swipeclock Marketplace?

The Swipeclock Marketplace is a collection of third-party vendors that integrate with Swipeclock products and provide additional benefits to partners and their clients.

Benefits of the Swipeclock Marketplace

Taking advantage of the Swipeclock Marketplace comes with many appealing benefits. Your company can expand revenue opportunity while extending how long clients stick with you.

Here are some interesting statistics on what your clients are looking for:

  • Payroll companies offering extended services increased retention by 5.4-7 percent.
  • 78 percent of companies with extended services were more likely to renew contract vs. those only using payroll.
  • Clients prefer to reduce complexity by getting everything they need from one place

Partners that utilize the Marketplace also create additional touchpoints or opportunities to engage with clients, improving relationships and reducing churn. Clients have fewer reasons to turn to another provider for the resources they need. Plus, you can create more effective lines of communication. The pricing is highly competitive for partners.

Your clients want you to provide high-quality and relevant services. Take a moment to consider: which of your clients are best-suited for some of these solutions?

Next up, we’ll highlight five of the vendors in the Swipeclock Marketplace that presented during the Base Camp Webinar.

Click here to listen to the recording (PEP login required).

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