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Partner Recruiting ROI Calculator

Regardless of your requirements, adding industry-leading timekeeping, scheduling, applicant tracking  and more to your platform or service offering is worth it. Simplify procedures, eliminate errors and provide savings for years to come.

We don’t just talk partnerships — We Do Partnership Better. With myriad partnering options, you choose the ideal fit for your business. Lose the red tape and the hoops you typically jump through and get more value with a partner that follows through on promises. Join the Swipeclock Partner Program.

Version 1

The assumptions are seen on the site but not in the calculator.

Assumptions used in calculations:
% of existing on Swipeclock 20%
APA Error Rate of: 2.0%
Average ee’s per Control 30
Average rate of pay  $          17.50
Average hours worked per payroll 80
Average mark-up  $            3.45
Average clients added to Swipeclock per year 5
Payroll Staff Average hourly rate  $          27.50
*Custom ROI will be generated on your initial call with us

Version 2

The assumptions are built into the calculator showing they will be adjusted on a call. 

Spend just a minute or two plugging in your metrics to see how much you and your company can benefits of partnering with Swipeclock today!

TJ’s Version

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