Case Study: Home Health Agency

Feb 6, 2023
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Home Health Agency Case Study

Home healthcare agencies have considerable growth opportunities in today’s market. However, with thin margins, growth requires good management. This case study explains how WorkforceHub helped a 30-employee for-profit home health agency improve their labor processes. As a result, they improved both their CMS rating and employee morale.

Labor Management Challenges

Before the agency adopted WorkforceHub, it received a 4-star quality of care rating. One of the main reasons it didn’t receive a higher rating was because of shorthanded shifts and lack of certification tracking. Because of this, the owner was determined to bring it up to 5-star at the next valuation period.

She was confident that better management would elevate quality of care. This would, in turn, improve patient outcomes. As a first step, she hired a consultant to scrutinize management processes and propose solutions. In a nutshell, the consultant recommended getting a platform to automate employee scheduling, timekeeping and certification tracking.

Solution: WorkforceHub

After seeing some HR software demos, the owner chose WorkforceHub. WorkforceHub automates and streamlines several mission-critical labor management processes. Firstly, WorkforceHub simplifies employee scheduling. Secondly, it automates employee timekeeping. Thirdly, the platform tracks certifications. Lastly, Employee Self-Service (ESS) makes timecard management quick and easy for both employees and managers.

The first order of business was to get a handle on scheduling. WorkforceHub has scheduling synced to timekeeping and PTO management. Schedule templates and a shift trade board solved numerous problems. In addition, it reduced manager time in creating schedules. Plus, job code and employee certification guarantees that the right number of qualified aides are caring for patients.

Prevent Shift Coverage Gaps

Furthermore, filling holes in the schedule is easy with the Virtual Trade Board. Previously, the manager would circulate shift change requests by text, and then re-circulate when employees agreed to take the open shifts. Not surprisingly, this back-and-forth texting ate up a lot of time. The Virtual Trade Board simplifies shift trades and automatically informs the appropriate employees when the manager approves a trade. Bottom line? The agency rarely has a coverage gap anymore. With WorkforceHub, all aides can see the schedule on a mobile device as soon as it is posted. The manager can also track employee shift preferences, which has improved job satisfaction considerably.

Employee Managed Timecards

In addition, with Employee Self Service (ESS), aides clock in and out from their mobile device, manage their own timecards, submit time-off requests, and check accruals. In fact, they don’t have to contact a manager for any of these tasks. With intelligent clock prompts, the agency has also dramatically reduced timecard errors.

The changes worked. The agency received a 5-star rating for the next review period. They are now in a position to hire more aides and take on more patients.


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