Enjoy the VIP partner treatment

There’s more to Swipeclock than just awesome, modern work tech. We offer extensive tools and resources to ensure you have everything you need to be successful, and to delight your clients.

The Swipeclock Partner Ecosystem

We have built our partner program around how to be successful working with our product.

Our team offers expert product guidance, responsive feedback and support, partner development accounts, training, and proactive idea sharing and collaboration.

Connections Marketplace

Connect with Swipeclock modern work tech solutions and deliver a better user experience for your clients. We offer many options for integrations and have built some powerhouse connections to some of the leading platforms, and we’re happy to talk about new connections.

Partner Portal

The Partner Empowerment Portal (PEP) is more than your standard partner site. You’ll find marketing, training, and sales support along with the ability to order time clock hardware and download product launch briefs. We communicate regularly to partners within PEP, providing market trends, compliance insights and product roadmap updates.

Marketing Support

Chock full of go-to-market campaign kits, conversational marketing playbooks, competitive intelligence and sales collateral, our Partner Empowerment Platform (PEP) provides everything you need to generate demand and win deals.

Partner Academy

We’ll ensure you have as much product and sales education as you need to be successful as a Swipeclock partner. Our experts have been in the industry for years, not months, and are professional presenters that get your team up to speed quickly.


Not everyone we partner with is in need of the same tools or integrations. Customize your partner portal to suit your unique needs.

With white-labeled assets available, deliver personalized guides and materials to your clients or sales team—making it easy for partners to provide personalized information to their clients.

Grow Your Business Faster & Reduce Churn

Swipeclock solutions are the perfect add on to your current service – and ensures you better retain your clients. We all know that the more products and services your client adopt, the more sticky they become. And, our solutions help your clients with mission critical tasks. Time and attendance, scheduling, HR and talent are the areas the have significant impact on their business. You’ll earn addition monthly revenue, and you choose your level of effort from reseller to a simple referral.

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