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Pair Your Payroll Service With Our WorkforceHub Solution

Swipeclock offers the opportunity for payroll service providers to pair up and deliver a full solution to our WorkforceHub clients who are seeking a payroll service provider. The WorkforceHub Payroll Partner Program available to Allied-teir Swipeclock partners who offer white-glove payroll service to small and mid-sized businesses.

In this program, the payroll partner is the “white-label” solution, and WorkforceHub takes center stage. We’re bundling your service into the WorkforceHub offering to small businesses through our ecommerce marketing approach.

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Are You Eligible?

Our clients deserve excellence, and we strive to deliver that to our WorkforceHub clients. With that in mind, you’ll find we’re a bit picky when it comes to who we pair up with. To participate in the Swipeclock Payroll Partner Program, your organization must qualify based on the following requirements:

  1. You must be an Allied-tier Swipeclock Partner.
  2. Your payroll solution must be integrated with WorkforceHub.
  3. You must have completed the Workforce Enabled certification process.
  4. You must commit to serving our WorkforceHub clients with premium, white-glove service and support, in a white-label model.

Why Pair Up?

Swipeclock is sweeping the nation’s small businesses with its WorkforceHub solution that is built to manage hourly workers more efficiently. It’s the powerful triple solution of time tracking, scheduling and hiring that businesses need to survive and thrive. But our payroll partners bring the final piece for those seeking a payroll service provider.

When you pair up, we’ve already taken care of the marketing and sales process. You have a client eager to get started.

  1. Grow your payroll service revenue
  2. Align with a growing powerhouse SMB solution

Getting Started

Step one is ensuring you fit all the eligibility requirements. And if you don’t, we can help you get there!

Step two is completing the form below to let us know you’re interested.

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Let’s Talk…

  • If you are interested in learning more about the WorkforceHub Payroll Partner Program, we invite you to reach out and start the conversation by completing the form below: