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Life at Swipeclock

Hi, we’re Swipeclock. Happy to meet you.

Let us introduce ourselves.

As an HR Tech company, we’re focused on small business solutions.

Small businesses are the engine of the American economy – and that’s a tall order. Almost half of U.S. employment is made up of Small Business Employers. They provide jobs for over 60 million people.

As the workplace continues to morph, it takes a substantial amount of time and an ever-increasing wealth of knowledge to put people to work. Big corporations have entire departments devoted to hiring and managing workforces.

But who takes care of that in a small business? It may be one designated individual such as an HR Director or CHRO. More likely it’s an “also” – as in the finance manager who “also handles HR.”

Sound familiar?

One Purpose

One Purpose

At Swipeclock, we’ve always recognized that even though a business is small, the challenges of managing it are quite complex.

We’re here to clarify the picture, with a solution built specifically for the needs of small business. A system you can stand up quickly – and see immediate value from. A system that’s exactly the right fit for where you are today, but adaptable to tomorrow. Whatever tomorrow may bring.

At Swipeclock, we tailor our solutions to only small business.

35,000+ customers

1M+ employees

1300+ partners

20+ Years in Business

Our Values


We are a resilient group of individuals. We know the business environment can be unpredictable. Thriving means being able to pivot, innovate, and continually improve while keeping the focus on what’s important – our employees, partners and customers.


Phenomenally agile companies are able to take a problem and work it into a success story. We have an agile mindset. We seek to deliver solutions quickly. We believe that the quality of life is affected by the interaction between people and their environments.


Uniqueness is power. We listen to understand. We include everyone. We endeavor to create a work environment where everyone feels welcome. We’re passionate about creating an inclusive workplace that promotes and values diversity.

Results Matter.

We always strive to do our best work because results matter. We measure and report on results and let data steer us to the best outcomes.

Our Roots

Our strong history of success: 20+ years as the leading choice of workforce management by the country’s top HR resellers and payroll providers is the foundation upon which we are built. As our solution expanded to include talent, benefits and engagement tools paired with our time and attendance solutions, we chose to unify all of the functionality within one product, WorkforceHub. We didn’t start with HR software like our competitors. Our roots are in scheduling, time and labor, and time collection solutions. These are the complex, but absolutely mission-critical pieces for every small business to run efficiently. We cut our teeth perfecting these capabilities for small businesses like yours.


We’ve made it possible for small businesses to get all the components needed to streamline workforce management, eliminate frustration and save time, energy and money.


20+ Years of Industry Leadership

  • 1999

    Founder Mike Caldwell started Swipeclock after turning a credit card machine into a device to collect and transfer employee time punches. He realized he was onto something big. He, along with Bryce Swanson, started a timekeeping company.

  • 2014

    Coleman Barney takes the reins as Chief Executive Officer

  • 2018

    Advanced Scheduling & Labor Optimization icon Advanced Scheduling & Labor Optimization

  • 2019

    Talent Management Solutions icon Talent Management Solutions

  • 2020

    Benefits Management Tools icon Benefits Management Tools

  • 2020

    Advanced Biometric time clock icon Advanced Biometric time clock released - Touch

  • 2021

    WorkforceHub icon WorkforceHub, a unified HR tech solution, was born

  • 2021

    Facial Recognition time clocks icon Facial Recognition time clocks launched - Vision and Vision+

Future & Meeting Your Demands

Today, Swipeclock provides industry-leading products, service and support to the HR community. While we continue to empower our partner channel to find success and grow their business, we also strive to provide small business with the tools they need to thrive in today’s ever-evolving business landscape.

We pride ourselves in listening intently to our customers and partners. Using our priceless customer feedback, plus industry trends and continuous innovation, we are constantly pushing ourselves to expand our product offerings to deliver the tools and services users need to successfully run their businesses now and into the future.

We didn’t start with HR software like our competitors. Nor, are we the product of an enterprise-level solution who decided they wanted to sell a few small businesses, so tried to remove components.

Our roots are in scheduling, time and labor – the hard, mission-critical workforce pieces that have to come together before HR needs even enter the picture.

We cut our teeth perfecting these capabilities for complex small businesses like yours.

We get it.