Swipeclock Announces Enhanced Integration between WorkforceHub Advanced and Execupay PlatinumPay Xpress

Apr 15, 2024


South Jordan, Utah – April 15, 2024

The new integration with a top software solution boosts compliance and efficiency for financial professionals utilizing Execupay PlatinumPay Xpress.

Swipeclock proudly promotes a new integration between WorkforceHub Advanced, the next-generation time and labor platform, and Execupay PlatinumPay Xpress. For all who utilize this popular platform, the integration streamlines processes, improves efficiency, and reduces errors. It ensures that employee time, payroll processing, and compliance tasks are accurate and simple.

The integration also serves as a significant time-saver, allowing employers and service providers to enter data once, where it will automatically sync between the other components of the unified solution. Information flows between timekeeping, scheduling, and payroll processing, ensuring accuracy and simplified operations.

Those who rely on Execupay PlatinumPay Xpress and WorkforceHub can now scale more efficiently without adding resources, delivering a higher level of service. The integration works in the background, helping to manage and transfer data with no extra effort required.

WorkforceHub is built for small businesses, offering features that scale as companies grow. It’s user-friendly and highly accessible, and the integration with Execupay PlatinumPay Xpress makes it even more efficient.

Swipeclock partners who utilize this common platform can take advantage of the value that comes with the enhanced functionality. Clients will enjoy the benefits outlined above, while partners can scale their business growth and eliminate manual processes and time-consuming tasks. The use of the integration comes with a minor price adjustment for all Execupay users. Additional details are available through each partner’s account manager.

Payroll providers and accounting professionals using Execupay PlatinumPay Xpress can explore the three flexible partner programs from Swipeclock. Each delivers significant value, offering access to support infrastructure and resources that align with each business owner’s individual goals.

This integration helps to improve the way businesses manage their workforces with fewer errors, employee empowerment, and ongoing compliance with labor laws.

About Swipeclock

Swipeclock provides timekeeping and HR tech solutions designed for the way small businesses work. With a “get in and get work done” friendly and clean user interface, Swipeclock solutions minimize compliance challenges, improve productivity and have the rapid time to value that small businesses need. WorkforceHub, the flagship solution powered by Swipeclock, seamlessly connects core human resources, time and labor, scheduling and hiring tools within one unified solution.

Over 45,000 businesses and 1,000,000 employees are powered by Swipeclock solutions either directly or through its extensive network of valued partners. The solutions are built and supported by teams of workforce management experts, ensuring robust features and an implementation process engineered to deliver quick results and delighted clients.

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