The Swipeclock Partner Advantage

Becoming a Swipeclock Partner means working together in a trusted relationship designed to help your business grow. Rapid implementation for a quick time to value is just one of the ways you can trust us to delight your clients. Here’s just a few samples of what our partners have to say about working with Swipeclock…

Case Study: Alliant HR

AlliantHR is a Payroll and Human Resource provider based in Oklahoma City. They’ve been a Swipeclock Partner since July 2018. The Swipeclock premium partner program provides all the resources they need to successfully grow their business. This includes extensive brandable sales collateral, product training and help with product demos.

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Case Study: My HR Professionals

My HR Professionals is a full service provider with clients located throughout the country. They partner with Swipeclock for integrated timekeeping. The optimization of collecting time data allows them to save hours processing payroll. They use the extra time to expand their business without taking more time.

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Case Study: Kemper 1st Choice Payroll

Kemper 1st Choice Payroll started as a CPA firm over twenty years ago. They are now a premier Payroll, Accounting and HR provider that serves over 430 clients with integrated solutions from Swipeclock. Their success in a diverse range of industries confirms the incredible growth opportunity Swipeclock partnership provides.

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Case Study: VensureHR

VensureHR saves time using Swipeclocks time and attendance solutions with full integration with their payroll platform. With this integrated solution, employees enjoy single sign-on through a streamlined and secure employee portal, which means they log into the system just once at the beginning of the day and gain access to everything they need throughout the day.

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Case Study: Mary Grothe

Mary Grothe is a mega-successful B2B sales star and business growth strategist who set numerous records selling payroll and HR solutions as a Swipeclock Partner. In her first year, she sold $375,000 in time and attendance, representing 50% of her total revenue for the company. The next year, that revenue was even higher, driving the company to ask her to train others on the secret of her success.

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Case Study:
George T. Feles, CPA

Learn how our timekeeping software paired with our facial recognition clocks help George T. Feles, CPA restaurant clients improve payroll accuracy, reduce unplanned overtime and prevent employee time theft.

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We’ve been helping our Partners solve client challenges for over 20 years. We know what it takes to help your business grow and increase revenue, and we know how important it is that we delight your clients to build trust, loyalty and lasting relationships.

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