Swipeclock + IRIS AcquisitionSwipeclock + IRIS Acquisition

Add Value to Your Solution.
Embed Time & Labor

You’ve already got a great product or service offering. Looking to add time tracking to increase value, reduce integration challenges and delight your clients?

Swipeclock’s modern time solution provides a unified experience embedded directly into your platform.

Two decades of expertise,

Yours in a fraction of the time.

If partnering with 1300+ businesses and 1,000,000+ users has informed us of anything, it’s that people want a solution tailored to their needs. That’s why we created our time solution – ready to embed – with other technology and service providers. Your offering paired with a time solution customers will love and trust.

Who else is seeing success with Swipeclock?

Intuitive, comprehensive timekeeping,
Without the heavy lift

Swipeclock’s embedded time offers a modern, streamlined time experience that can be built directly into your platform allowing your clients to toss your spreadsheets and hand calculators, and save time and aggravation with online time and attendance tools.

  • When and where work starts/stops
  • Convenient and intuitive
  • Instantly available
  • Precise timecard data every time

All the tools you need.
All from one partner.

Embedded time is just time beginning. Are you in need scheduling, benefits management or another piece of the human resources puzzle? Swipeclock’s full suite of solutions.

Time & Attendance


PTO Management

Applicant Tracking


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