One Solution To Simplify All The Challenges of Time and Attendance

TimeWorksPlus is a cloud-based time and attendance solution that…

  • Eliminates your spreadsheet
  • Integrates with your favorite payroll tools
  • Works across all of your locations


TimeWorksPlus on Macbook

Time and Attendance Made Easy

TimeWorksPlus simplifies time tracking so you can spend less time processing payroll. As your employees log time on their tablets, mobile phones or computers—or with one of our plug-and-play time clocks—you’ll eliminate messy time sheets by dumping workforce data directly into your payroll processing platform.

Take the Guesswork Out of Setup

Working from presets designed around your unique business requirements, we’ll leverage our 15 years of timekeeping market expertise to streamline your setup process. That means you’ll be up and running in minutes instead of days.

Plug-and-play Time Clocks

Our time clocks are delivered ready for use, requiring little or no setup out of the box. No headaches, hassle or unnecessary calls to customer support.

Intelligent Clock Features*

TimeWorksPlus is “employee-aware” providing only the punch options relevant to an employee’s current state.
– Eliminate missed punches
– Track meals and breaks
– Transfer departments with job costing
– Prevent early punches with schedule enforcement

*Intelligent clock features available only with web-based hardware and software clocks


Watch this demo and see how TimeWorksPlus can save you time and money 


Punch Data Includes Employee Location

With Pinpoint GPS in TimeWorks Mobile, it’s easy to know whether employees are onsite when they clock in. Mobile time cards let managers view the precise date, time and location of every punch—even plotting exact coordinates on a visual map.

Workforce Management on the Go

TimeWorks Mobile is the workforce companion that will empower your team and increase employee satisfaction. Workers can punch time in the field, manage their time cards, view their schedules and even request time off from their phone or tablet. And you’ll likewise be able to manage time cards and PTO requests from any mobile device.

Time Clock Options for Flexible Access

TimeWorksPlus supports a wide range of time clock options for data collection including embedable software clocks, mobile apps, traditional PIN and proximity clocks and the new TimeWorksTouch, an intelligent interactive hardware clock with fingerprint reader.

Clock In and Out from Any Computer

Our embeddable software clocks enable employees to clock in and out, check their schedules and manage their time cards from the convenience of any web browser. Embeddable clocks can be configured in employee portals, on company websites and as part of HR application suites.

Punch From Anywhere

The TimeWorks Mobile app lets your employees clock in and out remotely using any mobile device. And it gives you the flexibility to manage employee time and schedules from the office, on the road or in your home workspace.

Classic Clock Support

For basic in and out punching TimeWorksPlus supports a wide range of standard hardware clocks. Options include clocks with PIN-based identification, magnetic and RFID readers with proximity cards and FOBs. All data collection devices can be used in conjunction with TimeWorksPlus services for reporting, time card management, and PTO accruals and payroll integration.

Easier Payroll Processing

Dramatically improve administrative productivity by improving the efficiency of time sheet processing. With TimeWorksPlus, quickly prepare your staff’s time sheets for payroll. Approve and lock in staff hours, then export or transfer for simplified payroll processing.

TimeWorksPlus is integrated with all major payroll services with options for single-signon, employee synchronization and auto-transfer with support for hundreds of import/export formats. For a complete list of integration partners and supported options see our Integration Partners page

Prevent Messy Disputes

Time card approvals can be messy, but not as messy as the disputes they prevent. To make the process painless, set up to three tiers of approvals—like employee, supervisor and payroll staff—that can be completed electronically to eliminate the hassle of printing and signing time cards.

Empower Employees to Approve Their Time

By allowing employees to review and approve their time cards, you’ll improve accuracy, save administrative time and prevent disputes. The Employee Self-service Portal shows the total hours worked, missing punches, pending time-off requests and time card notes.

Convenience and Accountability with Employee Self-Service

In addition to providing time punch services, TimeWorksPlus lets your employees check their schedules, view and approve timecards, review PTO balances, request time off and update their personal information.

Simplify PTO Requests and Approvals

The Employee Self-Service portal in TimeWorksPlus lets employees manage time-off requests on their own. View accrued time, request time off and find out if other team members have already been approved for those days. Supervisors are notified and can approve or deny it with a click.

Align PTO with Employee Scheduling

TimeWorksPlus automates the tracking of PTO accruals. Employers and employees alike enjoy a quick view of time earned and used, and schedulers appreciate how easy it is to fill open shifts using the TimeWorksPlus’ integrated scheduling dashboard.

Accelerate Time Card Approvals

The Employee Self-Service portal shows total hours worked, missing punches, pending time-off requests and time card notes. Authorized employees can even edit their time cards, add notes and submit comments. Holding your employees accountable for their own time cards will save administrative time and help prevent disputes.

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