941 Payroll and Timekeeping Grows Beyond Payroll by Offering SwipeClock’s Integrated Workforce Management Solutions

Jul 20, 2015

July 20, 2015—Salt Lake City—SwipeClock today announced 941 Payroll and Timekeeping, a leading timekeeping and payroll services provider, has expanded its business by providing SwipeClock’s workforce management solutions to professional services firms, restaurants, and manufacturers in the Northeast United States.

“Payroll is quickly becoming a commodity,” said Noam Yalon, President and Owner of 941 Payroll and Timekeeping, “While we can retain our payroll customers by serving them well, the growth just isn’t there. Because of this, we are focusing future growth on time and attendance, and scheduling solutions while providing the same exceptional service that we’re known for in the payroll space.”

941 Payroll and Timekeeping now offers its customers SwipeClock’s simple and affordable workforce management products, which include TimeWorksPlus and TimeWorks Mobile for timekeeping, and TimeSimplicity for advanced scheduling and leave management. Each product is fully integrated so that 941 Payroll and Timekeeping can scale their clients’ workforce management solutions as they grow.

By using SwipeClock, 941 Payroll and Timekeeping virtually eliminated timekeeping errors for its clients. SwipeClock also offers complete automation and seamless integration with most payroll software making it easy for 941 Payroll and Timekeeping to grow it existing client base. “With SwipeClock, we have helped our clients save thousands of dollars in lost profits, overtime, tax, and benefits,” said Yalon. “With these results, we expect more of our payroll customers to expand to SwipeClock’s other workforce management solutions.”

For example, one of 941 Payroll and Timekeeping’s customers is a worldwide logistics business. Recently, the company wanted to do a project where employees who worked with a package entered two codes into a clock after a product was shipped—one code for the name of the client and the other for the type of work being done, whether it was packaging, addressing, sorting, or adding postage.

941 Payroll and Timekeeping was one of several companies asked to create a system that could solve this challenge. Using TimeWorksPlus, 941 Payroll and Timekeeping created a prototype that met all of the company’s requirements. Most of the other vendors didn’t respond to the proposal due to the complexities involved, while a couple of participants tried, but were not able to solve the problem. Only one other company was able to complete the prototype, but wanted to charge the company 4-5 times the amount 941 Payroll and Timekeeping offered.

“The bottom line is that SwipeClock saves my clients money,” said Yalon. “The savings come from automating paper-based processes to minimize overtime pay, ensure more accurate time and attendance keeping, and having regular reports for audits and improved decision making. I recommend SwipeClock’s workforce management solutions to other firms that want to move beyond payroll.”

“Workforce management is the key for our more than 700 partners to grow their businesses and retain clients for longer,” said Terry James, Director of Marketing for SwipeClock. “941 Payroll and Timekeeping is a great example to our other partners who are considering adding time and attendance, and scheduling to their payroll services.”

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