Empower Your Clients with WorkforceHub

Mar 6, 2023

We’re outlining another of the ways WorkforceHub will provide a better experience for you and your clients: client empowerment. Your clients no longer have to rely on you for every routine need or challenge that pops up. Instead, they can use tools and features to walk through setup processes on their own.

Even seemingly brief client interactions can stack up, filling your day with requests. Empowering your clients to take care of their own needs can simplify your day-to-day. Access to the tools needed can take the burden off of you while ensuring a high level of service for your clients. This results in a higher satisfaction level for everyone involved.

The Upload Wizard allows your clients to add new employees easier and faster. The Employee Invitation feature automatically sends invitations to employees to help them with onboarding. This email includes all the details needed to log in and get started within WorkforceHub. The result? Faster employee onboarding, enhanced employee engagement, and the data needed to get a new hire up and running. No need to send a separate email alert – the system will do it for you, and fast. This keeps everyone on the same page.

Are you spending hours on the phone or responding to client emails? Offering WorkforceHub could be the game-changer you need. As part of our Partner Program, you can free up time to focus on other things while continuing to build your business.

We do partnership better. Our partners include payroll professionals, accounting experts, and PEOs, to name just a few. When you partner with us, you get access to WorkforceHub for your clients, which simplifies people and time management. We have years of industry experience and extensive knowledge of what your clients need.

Empower your clients and take your business to the next level while delivering solutions geared toward today’s small business. View a demo of WorkforceHub to get started.

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