How WorkforceHub will Provide a Better Experience for You and Your Clients – Faster Scripting

Feb 10, 2023

Welcome to part two of our five-part series: How WorkforceHub will Provide a Better Experience for You and Your Clients. In this post, we’re discussing the advantages of building faster custom PTO accruals policies. Custom accruals can help you better manage PTO for your clients and their employees. Additionally, they reduce the risk of errors and compliance challenges. Building them faster can save you weeks of time, improve client satisfaction, and ease your workload.

New Accruals Manager

WorkforceHub, powered by Swipeclock, includes powerful custom scripting tools that make it fast and easy to create your own accruals policies, right out of the box. If you find that you have complex challenges that go beyond the conventional accruals policy, WorkforceHub can easily provide custom scripting to accommodate any need. Swipeclock offers our partners a custom scripting service to help you meet those complex challenges with a competent solution.

Scripting is an area that has a lot of impact on everyday tasks. Custom scripting provides the opportunity to create accruals rules and policies in more customized and user-friendly ways. You and your clients can now tackle basic scripting challenges without the wait by utilizing the new accruals manager. Drag-and-drop functionality is highly user-friendly, so your clients can get up and running quickly.

A Key Differentiator

Partners who can offer custom PTO policies and other accruals policies have a competitive advantage. Other systems can’t accommodate customized policies, but we automate that process and handle needs of all scopes. Relying on an automated tool for accruals also minimizes the risk of errors. Manual processes, especially complex ones, opens the door for mistakes. If you miss a detail and make even a minor mistake in the accrual setup, you or your client could face a compliance issue under the FLSA.

Wondering how to get started? Use the guides that walk you through the process, step by step, and get clients up and running quickly and efficiently. If you have clients needing more complex or involved policies, we can easily take care of these for you and are happy to do so.

Meet your clients’ needs while exceeding expectations as a Swipeclock partner. Offering WorkforceHub, with accruals manager and custom scripting service, ensures complete satisfaction and the ability for clients to take care of tasks on their own, without the way. What does this mean for you, as a PEO or payroll/accounting professional? More time to acquire new clients and handle other client needs.

Contact us to request a demo and view this feature in action.

Coming up next: Find out how WorkforceHub can help reduce payroll errors.

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Allie Blackham

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