How WorkforceHub will Provide a Better Experience for You and Your Clients – Improved Efficiency

Jan 30, 2023
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We’re outlining five ways WorkforceHub will provide a better experience for you and your clients, starting with improved efficiency.

Efficiency may sound like a corporate buzzword, but it’s actually a vital aspect of a thriving business. The term refers to how effectively a company can generate its products and/or services in relation to the money and time required to achieve its goals. Improving efficiency is a worthwhile effort, regardless of industry, and Swipeclock WorkforceHub can help you and your clients achieve that.

Spend less time setting up new clients with enhanced efficiency in WorkforceHub. It’s easier than ever to create new accounts, and you can complete the task in less than half the time it took before. The next generation of WorkforceHub is well-organized. It also includes upgraded features to help you and your clients complete the payroll process more efficiently. Our modern user interface makes it easier than ever to get what you need without digging around.

Enhanced Features

One highly useful feature is the option to impersonate the account administrator or any employee within the system to see what they’re seeing. You can use this view to solve challenges faster for new employees or administrators.

We also incorporated bulk add and edit to improve how you upload new employees to the system or work with existing employees. You can download a template that makes it easy to upload new employees into the system or update existing employees. Choose the fields you want in the template, categorized by settings, employment, personal, and misc., to build a more customized template.

Within the employee list view, you can see details of employees at a glance and edit all fields quickly and efficiently. The drop-down menu allows you or your client to maintain control of input, eliminating the risk of errors that comes with free typing. These include location, department, position, and manager to name just a few.

Need to view the org chart? Easy: It’s visible right within the platform, and you can change what information is displayed based on who’s looking. When bringing on new hires, the employee invite screen shows a full list of who’s been invited to use the platform. You can send and resend invites and check the status of each person on the list, all from a single screen. When you need to know what to expect in terms of cost, use the built-in calculator to determine charges for any bill.


Building custom accrual policies is easier than ever, freeing up valuable time for those who handle these policies and procedures. The accruals tool will accommodate 80 percent of the accruals policies needed among most small companies. Review your policies in a single view to make updates a snap. Of course, not every client fits into a standard box. We can accommodate advanced scripting challenges, too, for fast and convenient customization.

Payroll is an area that tends to create bottlenecks in companies of every size. This can lead to costly and frustrating challenges with employee pay and compliance. According to a recent study performed by EY Quantitive Economics and Statistics (QUEST), the average company makes 15 payroll corrections per pay period. Each correction can take 15-30 minutes to find and correct, costing thousands. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Your clients can use the payroll review process in WorkforceHub to find missing punches before they get submitted to payroll. They can also confirm PTO requests, and view final payroll data, making any changes needed before errors are accidentally submitted to payroll.

Looking for ways to improve efficiency for you and your clients? Consider a partnership with Swipeclock. WorkforceHub is a user-friendly timekeeping solution that’s built for small business. It’s easy to add to your payroll business with integration to most platforms.

Next up: Faster scripting! Find out more about scripting and its uses in today’s workforce solutions.

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