Swipeclock HRMS Demo at Minneapolis Swipeclock Partner Forum (SPF)

Oct 7, 2019
5 Minute Read

Swipeclock hosted its third and final Swipeclock Partner Forum (SPF) of 2019 last week in Minneapolis following the IPPA conference.

The meeting followed a year-end theme of “what we promised and how we delivered.” Swipeclock execs presented new features and demonstrated integrations that were promised for delivery at our first SPF of 2019 in February.

As part of the year-end roundup, Swipeclock CEO Coleman Barney presented a brief-yet-comprehensive pre-recorded demonstration of WorkforceHub. Each new feature was demonstrated from our live production environment, meaning all features and integrations are available to partners and clients alike, today.

We were thrilled to meet with partners from the local region as well as those who stayed after the IPPA event to join us. Several attending partners requested we post a copy of the video for sharing.

Below you will find the live demo of Swipeclock WorkforceHub from our October 4 SPF in Minneapolis.

Download a PDF of the presentation slides to view the deck presented by our executive team at SPF.

As usual, contact your CDM if you have follow up questions regarding our meeting or any of the content presented.

Thank you for joining us in Minneapolis; we appreciate your engagement and look forward to working with you this selling season!

Download the Presentation Slides PDF

Download Presentations PDF

Watch the IPPA Video Here

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