New Workforce Management Clock Improves Compliance with Labor Laws

Sep 27, 2016

New and Innovative Clock Brings Intelligence to Timekeeping and Advanced Scheduling with Applied Business Rule Logic

September 27, 2016—Salt Lake City—Swipeclock today launched its new Workforce Management Clock. The innovative clock includes a rich set of intelligent, proactive, and dynamic capabilities that greatly improve employee interactions with the time clock so labor data are more accurate. This greatly reduces the time required to process and finalize payroll and improves employer records, which keeps companies in compliance with labor laws and regulations.


Even with tremendous advances in business and consumer technologies, employers still have a limited selection of time clock capabilities. This creates a gap between what employers expect and what they have to chose from. Simple punch-clocks without advanced business rule logic also create challenges with accurate data entry. These mistakes work their way through the payroll process, eventually adding hours of work for time-strapped supervisors who must figure out where the errors occurred before payroll is processed.


“SwipeClock is filling this gap with our innovative Workforce Management Clock,” said Coleman Barney, CEO of SwipeClock. “The clock gives employers the advanced technology they need to increase the accuracy of their data when employees punch in and out. And it keeps employer records compliant with all of the latest labor regulations. In short, Workforce Management Clock solves the age-old problem of ‘garbage in, garbage out.’ With our new clock, SwipeClock ensures ‘quality in, quality out.’”

wmclock2016Rich Set of Standout Features

The Workforce Management Clock includes a rich set of intelligent, proactive, and dynamic capabilities including:

  • PunchLogic—applies intelligent business rule logic to the timekeeping process to prevent punch errors by displaying an employee’s most recent punch. Each time an employee uses Workforce Management Clock, buttons that are not compatible with the employee’s most recent punch are disabled. This eliminates duplicate punches and reduces the need for costly timecard edits.
  • Employee Self-Service Portal—enables employees to view their timecards and make changes when punching in or out. Fixing errors before time cards are submitted improves accuracy, which saves time for employers and ensures employees get paid for actual time worked.
  • Track breaks and meals—can be easily configured to enforce company policies and improve labor law compliance. Additionally, excessive break minutes are not counted, which saves employers money by only paying for actual time worked.


Platform for Future Innovation

The Workforce Management Clock creates a platform for SwipeClock to deliver its services while ensuring a consistent experience across any computing device including mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and even payroll partner portals. This provides much greater flexibility for employees and employers. “This is a huge step forward, as it expands SwipeClock’s time clock offering and continues to deliver on our focus of providing the industry’s best workforce management software, services, and support,” said Barney.


Availability and Pricing

The Workforce Management Clock is now available through SwipeClock partners.  Authorized partners should check for pricing on the SwipeClock partner portal or call SwipeClock for details.

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