New Accruals Manager: Create PTO Policies Without Scripting

Oct 31, 2022
Absence Management, Time and Attendance

With our new Accruals Manager, Swipeclock Partners can set up custom leave, time-off and PTO policies for their clients.

  • Create and manage accruals policies without scripting or submitting a service ticket
  • Set up your clients’ time off policies on demand and update when needed

The Accruals Manager is designed to save our partners time and effort while they exceed client expectations for speed and accuracy.

Accruals Manager Benefits

A major competitive advantage of Swipeclock Time and Labor solutions is custom accruals policies. Now, we’ve improved the way our partners can implement basic or complex accruals policies for their clients. With the Accruals Manager, you can:

  • Create accruals policies for your clients without scripting
  • Build or modify policies on demand with no waiting
  • Implement most custom policies on your own without support
  • Streamline employee enrollment

Support Your Clients’ Custom Accruals Policies

The Accruals Manager provides a guided form fill that requires no coding, waiting or scripting requests. You can provide custom accruals policies at the point of setup or any time after implementation. The Accruals Manager supports extensive customization, including the following:

  • Employee tenure or position
  • Employee type (part-time or full-time)
  • Multiple punch categories including sick leave, vacation, PTO, and client-defined
  • Accrual frequency – front load annually, monthly, pay period, weekly, daily, on work anniversary or specific date
  • Multiple rates of accrual
  • Custom vesting periods
  • Limits for maximum hours
  • Year-end expire or carry-over
  • Rules for negative allowance

To get started with our new Accruals Manager, contact your Swipeclock Account Manager.

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