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Jul 7, 2022
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Do You Lose Candidates to Competitors?

Without hiring software, the recruiting process can take way too long. As a result, you can lose applicants to companies with a faster process. An applicant tracking system, however, can save you tons of time. Because they shave days off the timeline, you can extend an offer more quickly.

Hiring Software Makes Your Job Easier

In addition to speeding things up, an applicant tracking system makes your job a lot easier. With a system like ApplicantStack from Swipeclock, you’ll have less paperwork. And a lot less frustration. This is because ApplicantStack automates up to 80% of hiring workflows.

For example, with ApplicantStack, you can post to multiple job boards from the system. You can also create custom questionnaires to filter unqualified applicants. Of course, staying connected has never been more important. ApplicantStack helps with that as well, with auto-emails and in-app texting . Merge fields personalize the emails for each candidate.

Other automations include:

  • Interview scripts
  • Candidate scorecards
  • Hiring team task reminders
  • Interview self-scheduling
  • Background and reference checks

With ApplicantStack, you can organize your workflows and manage high volume hiring with ease.

ApplicantStack Creates an Exceptional Candidate Experience

In addition, job applicants will have a better experience. First off, the entire process is mobile friendly. You can make short applications to reduce abandoned applications. Moreover, recruitment texting keeps applicants engaged and in the know.

Job Posting Has Never Been Easier

Do you want to post a job to five or six job boards without signing into each account? No problem. With ApplicantStack hiring software, a couple mouse clicks takes care of it. You will certainly not miss logging into each job board separately.

Job Interview Self-Scheduling With ApplicantStack

Now, let’s discuss one of our client’s favorite features. We’re talking about interview scheduling. ApplicantStack streamlines a process that can be confusing and time-consuming.

This is how it works.

Using either Google Calendar or Office 365, each member of your interview team chooses available time slots. When you move a candidate to the interview phase, simply text them a calendar link. Then—this is awesome—the job applicant picks their interview time from the available slots.

Imagine how this speeds up the process!

Plus, it demonstrates that your organization is efficient and innovative. (Your company is efficient and innovative, right?)

ApplicantStack Makes Sense For Your Organization

ApplicantStack pays for itself quickly with improved efficiency and better hiring outcomes. You can see pricing here. In addition, be sure to check out our applicant tracking ROI calculator. Simply plug in your numbers and it will show you exactly how much you can save with ApplicantStack.

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