7 Good Reasons Subcontractors Should Use A Time Tracking App

Feb 22, 2019

7 Good Reasons Subcontractors Should Use A Time Tracking App

Mobile time tracking apps are gaining ground as the defacto standard for time tracking. Managing subcontractors can be a logistics hassle. The right mobile time tracking app can make all the difference.

Here are 7 good reasons to upgrade to mobile subcontractor time tracking from Swipeclock:

1: Payroll Accuracy

Mobile time tracking apps are more accurate, and allow for direct data import for payroll.

The number of potential problems you can avoid in payroll processing is considerable. From poor handwriting to bad math, paper time cards foster errors from the start. This can create costly errors that sap time and profit from your productivity.

Accuracy in payroll is critical. Automated time tracking with a mobile app will save you time and trouble.

2: Real-time Recording

Mobile time tracking is the ultimate in convenience for employees. They are also a real time-saver for managers. Real-time recording provides up-to-the-minute reports possible.

Managers will know about overtime problems before they happen. Instant alerts can warn of overtime problems before they happen. Employees can see updated date to make decisions on shift swapping.

Mobile time tracking apps help generate reliable data that you can trust. They also help reduce records disputes and payroll errors.

Employees find them more convenient and easy to use. Managers enjoy accurate time and attendance records without the hassles.

3: Increased Profitability

With mobile time tracking, managers can keep a close eye on expenses. Time and attendance is a major expense for most projects. Tracking these costs is critical to effective management.

Overtime alerts, real-time tracking and tools for analysis give your managers unprecedented oversight. Automation can reduce the burden of monitoring and saves time and money.

Mobile time tracking apps increase manageability and renew focus on cost savings.

4: Accurate Data Recording

Mobile time tracking makes it possible to generate future-looking reports. These can be a big help in predicting expenses. Accurate data is the key, and mobile tracking apps are the way to get it.

While it is possible to create reports from traditional time cards, it takes a lot of extra time. There is also the possibility of human error.

Mobile time tracking allows companies to compile data with ease. Managers can generate reports with the click of a button. Data collection is automated. The result is better, more accurate data that helps you establish the true costs of a project.

5: Record of Work

Accurate and reliable records are important in the event of an audit. They can also be critical in a dispute about payroll accuracy.

With mobile time tracking, employees are prompted to record breaks and meal times. This helps generate a reliable history of work time to the minute. Error tracking and intelligent clocking help avoid mistakes or missed punches.

With complete, accurate and reliable records, employee disputes are minimized. Audit-ready records mean you are prepared for any scrutiny, and in most cases are protected from accusations.

An accurate and reliable record of work will help your company avoid compliance and legal troubles in the future.

6: Accountability

Mobile time tracking enforces accountability.

Subcontractors are able to punch in and punch out from any location. This means there are no more excuses for missing time cards or missed punches.

Subcontractors are empowered to track their own time. They share responsibility for generating accurate and reliable data. This helps generate accountability for time and attendance tracking.

7: Win Win

Your business will benefit by adding mobile time tracking to your subcontractor management. Subcontractors will also benefit from added convenience and accuracy.

Mobile time tracking apps from Swipeclock offer a world of convenience and accuracy.

Your business can be more profitable. Give us a call today and find out more about how easy it is to get up and running with mobile time tracking for your subs.


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