Case Study: Residential Care Facility

Jan 17, 2018
Case Study

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Today’s case study explains how WorkforceHub cleaned up an employee scheduling mess at an 18-bed group home for adults with chronic mental illness. The long-term care facility needed relief from continual employee scheduling confusion that had decreased staff morale considerably and was making it difficult to maintain the relaxed, therapeutic atmosphere needed by the residents.

Facility Expansion Intensified Scheduling Problems

The manager (and head therapist) at our example company was not quite sure how scheduling had become so unworkable. It seemed like Excel spreadsheets had been sufficient just a few years before. She pointed out that the owners of the group home had built a large addition the previous year and, as a result, tripled the number of beds. She hadn’t anticipated that the expansion would complicate things tenfold, however.

Confusion Was Taking a Toll

Schedule changes launched a time-consuming process of sending texts to all qualified team members to find a replacement. The manager was often required to synchronize fractional shift changes to adjust to overlapping availabilities. The result was a domino effect that frequently caused unexpected consequences including expensive overtime and coverage gaps. A couple of dedicated associates would come in on short notice in “emergencies” that started happening weekly. The added confusion and personal disruption was reaching a breaking point.

Shorthanded shifts are a problem for any company, but in a group home where some patients need 24/7 supervision, coverage gaps can put their safety at risk (as well as the license to operate).

Solution — WorkforceHub

The manager turned to WorkforceHub. WorkforceHub offers simplified scheduling with TimeSimplicity in a powerful suite of integrated cloud-based tools that include time and attendance tracking (TimeWorksPlus), with mobile functionality for 24/7 anywhere access.

  • TimeSimplicity for streamlined group home employee scheduling.
  • TimeWorksPlus for integrated time and attendance tracking for salaried, hourly, and contract workers.
  • Job codes ensure that employees with the required certifications are scheduled appropriately.
  • Mobile companion provides anytime, anywhere access for associates and managers.
  • Payroll Based Journal tools streamline compliance and reporting.

The Power of Automation, Centralization, and Mobile Access

When the manager started using WorkforceHub for scheduling and became familiar with all the tools, she had an “aha” moment. “So this is how intelligent automation revolutionizes employee scheduling!” She realized just how weak Excel spreadsheets had been.

In the months that followed WorkforceHub implementation, she continued to see unforeseen benefits such as how much time she was saving on PBJ reporting and how the counselors appreciated 24/7 time card, schedule, and PTO visibility and self-management.

Now that scheduling is solved, the staff members can better focus on the group home residents.

How To Solve Group Home Employee Scheduling Problems

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