Intelligent Time Tracking For Manufacturing

Accurate pay rates for actual hours worked

Want to eliminate time theft and increase payroll accuracy?

Cost of goods is often driven by cost of labor. Hourly workers generally record their time in some fashion, but if it is not digital it is not easy to track and confirm. Unplanned overtime can become a recurring issue. Absenteeism can affect the production schedule, and cause compliance issues for workers pulling doubles or working a job they are not trained to perform. Managers want to pay employees properly but don’t always feel that they do. Time card reconciliation is often a burdensome and irritating process.

Benefits of SwipeClock Solutions for Manufacturing

Fortunately, workforce management tools can help shed light on labor costs and improve the process for all involved.

Fill Shifts in Seconds

No more stress when someone drops a shift. The schedule trade board informs the team when shifts open up, so it can be filled without stress or delay.


No Unplanned Overtime

With easy scheduling and shift trading, there are no surprises. Intelligent clock-in and break enforcement ensure that no unscheduled minutes are clocked.

Shift-based Scheduling

Schedules optimize productivity for all projects and are enforced by intelligent clocks. No more over-staffing or mismatched skills.

Job Costing

Tying labor costs to jobs is automatic. Employees clock in and out of jobs throughout their shift. No more unaccounted hours that cost you money.

Efficient Hiring and Onboarding

Save time and leverage popular job sites to attract quality employees. Track applications and score to identify top candidates. Use automated onboarding to save time, speed ramp up, and ensure compliance.

Manufacturing Companies that use SwipeClock

Doing time and attendance manually for eight people was almost a full-time job. Now, with SwipeClock, I can do an even better job for almost 10 times the number of people. I even have extra time to expand my role and help Liberty Outdoors grow even faster.



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