Swipeclock + IRIS AcquisitionSwipeclock + IRIS Acquisition

Swipeclock for Manufacturing.

Hire and onboard quickly, track time and work location, allocate time to jobs, monitor licenses and certifications, allow shift swaps and easy access to paystubs.

Swipeclock HR Software for Manufacturing

Cost of labor drives cost of goods. Effective scheduling and accurate timekeeping are a strong foundation for cost control. With the right tools, manufacturers can control unplanned overtime, absenteeism, compliance issues, and job costing. Accurate pay rates for actual hours worked.

Benefits of Swipeclock HRMS for Manufacturing

Fill shifts in seconds

No more stress when someone drops a shift. The schedule trade board informs the team when shifts open up, so it can be filled without stress or delay.

No unplanned overtime

With easy scheduling and shift trading, there are no surprises. Intelligent clock-in and break enforcement ensure that no unscheduled minutes are clocked.


Shift-based scheduling

Schedules optimize productivity for all projects and are enforced by intelligent clocks. No more over-staffing or mismatched skills.

Job Costing

Tying labor costs to jobs is automatic. Employees clock in and out of jobs throughout their shift. No more unaccounted hours that cost you money.

Efficient Hiring and Onboarding

Save time and leverage popular job sites to attract quality employees. Track applications and score to identify top candidates. Use automated onboarding to save time, speed ramp up, and ensure compliance.

    Reduce HR Burden

    Keep employees informed and engaged. Conduct instant surveys, open a digital suggestion box, provide access to paystubs, PTO, and streamline benefits enrollment, performance reviews and other HR processes.



    Attract top talent to your organization. Post job openings, collaboratively screen and track candidates. Hire high-quality employees in the shortest time at lowest effort.



    Simplify time tracking. Reduce labor costs and unplanned overtime. Punch in via web or physical clocks. Seamlessly integrates with industry-leading payroll platforms.



    Build schedules based on skills required, labor law constraints, employee preferences and much more. Manage multiple shifts with ease. Automatically notify your employees with shift changes.



    Speed new hire onboarding, benefits enrollment, legal compliance, HR handbook review, anti-discrimination training, pay stub access, personnel data update and more

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