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TimeSimplicity enables you to have scheduled the right number of crew members, with the right skills at the right site. Our TimeWorks Mobile, with GPS, enables your crew to manage their timekeeping on-the-go while saving time, eliminating paperwork and providing your crew with the tools they need. Or our TimeWorksTuff clock has all the features of our regular biometric clocks but was designed to withstand the hard-working conditions you encounter at any job site.


TimeSimplicity enables you to set staff schedules based on various skillset including certifications. TimeWorksPlus tracks hours worked by job code, both ensuring quality of care and reducing labor costs for employers.


TimeSimplicity enables you to save time while managing employee schedules quickly with its “Copy & Paste” and “Drag & Drop” features. Create new and update existing schedules within minutes! The TimeWorksPlus Bulletin Announcement feature helps to close the gap in communication by enabling you to share important announcements with employees. Communication is key to keeping your workforce productive and engaged.


TimeSimplicity provides the tools you need to quickly create and update schedules with its copy-and-paste and drag-and-drop functionality. And the Virtual Shift Trade Board will take the hassle out of last-minute schedule changes.


TimeSimplicity’s Text and Email Collaboration enables you to share scheduling updates with staff quickly. TimeWorksPlus’ companion TimeWorks Mobile enables your staff to manage their timekeeping on-the-go, from reviewing and approving timecards to submitting and approving time-off requests and more! Save time, eliminate paperwork and provide your staff with the tools they need with TimeWorks Mobile.


TimeSimplicity’s Employee Profile stores employee-specific information (address, skillset, required licensing, etc.) that it references to quickly identify “best fit” candidates for you to choose from. Empowering you to fill last-minute open shifts with the right person. TimeWorksPlus enables you to set up Employee Groups, which can be used for reporting purposes and to track labor costs.


TimeSimplicity’s Schedule Preferences feature eliminates the unknown by identifying when an employee is available to work. The system will alert the scheduler of any conflicts if they attempt to add a shift to an unavailable employee. While TimeWorksPlus’ Employee Self-Service enables employees to view their schedules, check their accrual balances and submit time-off requests to management.

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