Time Tracking And Advanced Scheduling For Healthcare

Optimize staffing for value-based care and budget efficiency

Why SwipeClock for Healthcare?

There is a wide range of skills needed in healthcare settings. Care staff includes doctors, nurses, therapists, and aides. Maintenance and administration are also key contributors. All of these employees are important to good operations. Proper scheduling and timekeeping get complicated fast, as rules for staffing ratios are dictated by law or the institution. Making sure the right staff is on hand at the right level and reporting the actual hours is critically important to service delivery and compliance. Hiring and retaining the best staff is imperative.

Benefits of SwipeClock Solutions for Healthcare

Fortunately, there are powerful tools available to healthcare organizations to reduce administrative burdens, improve compliance, and deliver high-quality care with efficiency.

Intelligent Shift Trading

Employees can trade shifts or claim open shifts. Managers can be sure that these shift changes match position, location, certifications, and overtime limits.

Staffing Ratios

Schedule, track, and report compliance with rules on patient-to-staff ratios for classes of employees.


PBJ Reporting

Easily report senior care facility staffing based on CMS job classifications, midnight divide, and direct care association.

Hire Top Talent

Post jobs to popular career sites. Track and score applicants. Identify top candidates and build a pool of future prospects. Standardize onboarding.

Tie Job To Clock

Record job and location at clock in. Allow job change when multiple roles are assigned. Make clock tasks easy.

Healthcare Companies that use SwipeClock

TimeSimplicity stood out from the other solutions. It was easy to use and provided the advanced features and flexibility we needed to manage our scheduling from a holistic perspective—all at a price that was similar to the solution we were replacing.



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