Swipeclock for Professional Services.

Meet compliance requirements while providing a secure, mobile method for employees to track project time, request time off, check benefits, engage internally, hire successfully and onboard effectively.

Swipeclock HR Professional Services Software

Companies selling expert services such as legal, accounting, financial, IT and strategic advice have unique HRMS needs. Employees in these firms often have certifications or licenses. Their time may be billable and spent out of the office. Teams are often virtual and changing, and extra effort is required to keep these experts engaged with the organization.

Benefits of HRMS for Professional Services

Efficient Hiring and Onboarding

Reach the best candidates through popular and specialty job boards. Vet applicants quickly and consistently. Onboard new hires for fastest path to productivity.

Track Certifications

Ensure that experts keep certification and licenses current. Set renewal alerts. Easily schedule experts based on best skill match to project.


HR on the Go

Give employees access to schedules, time clock, PTO, and paystubs from their mobile device.

ACA Compliance

Stay in compliance with ACA rules regarding healthcare provision to employees.

Employee Engagement

Create a communication hub for employees to make suggestions, take surveys, check news, read new policies and collect rewards.



Attract top talent to your organization. Post job openings, collaboratively screen and track candidates. Hire high-quality employees in the shortest time at lowest effort.



Simplify time tracking. Reduce labor costs and unplanned overtime. Punch in via web or physical clocks. Seamlessly integrates with industry-leading payroll platforms.



Build schedules based on skills required, labor law constraints, employee preferences and much more. Manage multiple shifts with ease. Automatically notify your employees with shift changes.



Speed new hire onboarding, benefits enrollment, legal compliance, HR handbook review, anti-discrimination training, pay stub access, personnel data update and more

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