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Payroll professionals who offer employee time clock & scheduling software grow faster and keep clients 5 years longer

Why Resell SwipeClock?

As a SwipeClock Reseller and Partner, you’ll represent and resell the most simple and affordable workforce management solutions available that allow you to grow your business faster with higher client retention. Did you know that adding a time and attendance or workforce management solution creates more loyal clients and increases your business’s profitability per every client employee? Interested in being a more successful business? Read on and get started in one of our Partner Reseller Programs today!


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Hear What Our Partners Have to Say

Tyler Winn Cirrus Payroll

“As a payroll service, our partnership with SwipeClock is one of our most valuable relationships. They are industry leaders and we trust them with our clients implicitly. Their software, service and personal touch are industry leading. I do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for workforce management solutions”

Cirrus Payroll – Tyler Winn

gerald hall CBIZ

“This is by far my favorite vendor to work with. They are constantly reaching out for feedback on how they can do better….followed by a timeline of when it will be implemented. They create their products so the reseller can be autonomous. Love them!”

CBIZ – Gerard M. Hall

“I have used SwipeClock with our clients for 8 years! They have outstanding products and a staff that give outstanding customer service! They deserve 5 Gold Stars! You need to introduce these products to your clients!”

Payroll Specialties Inc – Layne Spelber

Why Partner with SwipeClock?

Becoming a Channel Partner

As a Channel Partner, you will handle your client setup, sales & customer support management. You also control client pricing, process client billing, and handle the selling, support, and account management. With multiple white-labeling options, all resellers can rebrand our system as their own—including premium marketing materials.

Dedicated Channel Partner Managers, CDM’s, will be available to assist in client engagements and demonstrations. SwipeClock CDM’s will provide your service bureau with answers, training and resources to help make you the most successful independent SwipeClock Channel Partner possible.  They can also help answer questions about additional support and sales trainings and be a guide to the SwipeClock Premier Partner Marketing Program.

The Premier Partner Marketing Program includes private branded blog articles and access to marketing campaigns and materials you can use to grow your business.

Becoming a BOSS Partner

As a BOSS (Back Office Sales & Support) Partner, SwipeClock will handle your client setup, sales, & customer support management.

Dedicated SwipeClock sales professionals provide client demo, proposals and client engagements as an extension of your service bureau. Your dedicated SwipeClock Support teams will contact and arrange all client interactions, understand their needs, provide demos of the software and close the sale so you don’t have to.

As an additional premium service BOSS Partners clients will have access to SwipeClock Professional Services for the highest level of customer care in the industry. SwipeClock Professional Services Representatives will perform all setup, employee and management training,and handle daily support for your clients while they are onboarding. SwipeClock Customer Care will provide ongoing client support and service to your clients so you don’t have to.

You still handle client billing, while we handle all the rest. BOSS Partners are also encouraged to join in Co-branded BOSS Digital marketing campaigns designed to introduce service bureaus existing clients with SwipeClock products and receive product demonstrations.

Partner Responsibilities

Channel Partner

As an independent Channel Partner, you stay in control and manage your own…

  • Premier Partner Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Private labeled Blog Content
  • Sales
  • Pricing & Proposals
  • Demos
  • Implementation
  • Account Management
  • Customer Support
  • Customer Training
  • Ongoing Client Relationship Management
  • Client Billing

BOSS Partner

As a BOSS Partner, SwipeClock provides and manages for you…

  • SwipeClock Joint Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • SwipeClock Blog Content
  • SwipeClock Sales
  • SwipeClock Provided Proposals and Pricing
  • SwipeClock Demos
  • SwipeClock Implementation
  • SwipeClock Account Management
  • SwipeClock Customer Support
  • SwipeClock Client Training
  • SwipeClock Joint Ongoing Client Relationship Management

High Touch Support

Excellent customer service is part of our culture. You get high touch service from every one of us—account management, fulfillment, tech support and professional services.

Hear What our Partners Say About our Support

“Extremely friendly and very helpful support team. Every time I call in with a question I am greeted with a warm welcome and given a prompt and thorough resolution to my issue.”

Advantage Payroll – Chris Harmon

“One of our best partners in providing workforce management solutions to our clients. The people at Swipeclock are the best!”

Southland Data Processing – Michael Reis

“Incredibly user-friendly and easy to work with. Great support and development team behind the product!”

Complete Payroll – Greg Nasso

What Partners Receive

Support Channel Partners Receive:

Dedicated Channel Development Manager who will get you answers to problems and arrange the training and support you need to grow your business.

Partner Marketing Program with sales enablement material, and access to blog articles you can use for client attraction and access to client campaigns.

Partner access to our Partner Technical Support department so we can help you get the answers to support your client.

Support BOSS Partners Receive:

Each of your clients will receive a dedicated Account Executive, that will handle the sale, demos and client follow-up.

Each of your clients will receive a dedicated Implementation Specialist to handle implementation and employee training of the software.

Each of your clients will receive access to SwipeClock Signature Customer Care for customer support.

Partner Benefits

Channel Partner

Benefits of becoming a Channel Partner:

  • Lowest wholesale pricing
  • We’ll provide marketing and sales enablement material, product training, and support to ensure your success.
  • You control your client interactions and success
  • Back office control of your client experience with your personal brand of support.
  • Still Your Client – You continue to bill for services and manage the relationship with your client.

BOSS Partner

Benefits of becoming a Boss Partner:

Slightly higher wholesale pricing lets you…

  • Offer Time, Attendance and Scheduling in Minutes—without having to become the expert or learn how to implement or support.
  • Close more business. With our proven and trusted product suite as part of your offering, you’ll gain a competitive advantage and the ability to offer incoming prospects a more complete workforce management solution in a shorter time period.
  • Still Your Client – We’ll take care of implementation and operational support while you continue to bill for services and manage the relationship with your client.

What Services Do I Receive as a Partner?

Account Management

Marketing Support

Professional Services

Technical Support

As a SwipeClock partner, you partner with a world-class organization that is dedicated to helping you succeed as a provider of top-tier services to the core of today’s labor force. Automated and intelligent timekeeping solutions not only simplify processes for and empower employees, they free up supervisors and managers to focus more on business operations and strategy.

In the same way, SwipeClock provides services and tools to automate and streamline the marketing, selling, deployment and support of SwipeClock products, thus freeing up partners to focus on growing their businesses.

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How Do You Qualify?

Channel Partners

Meet $200 minimum billing within Six months

Be willing to onboard as a full dedicated channel partner taking on all marketing, sales, client support, client implementation and training of SwipeClock software and services.

BOSS Partners:

No minimum billing, but higher wholesale cost as compared to the Channel Partner Program because of premium services provided.

Be willing to onboard as a BOSS Partner allowing SwipeClock to perform client marketing, sales, client support, client implementation and training of SwipeClock software and services.

Become a SwipeClock Partner

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