We Do Partnership Better

Becoming a Swipeclock Partner means working together in a trusted relationship designed to help your benefits business grow.

Create a better experience for your clients; Let’s get started today!

We provide your
technology solution

Your clients count on you for your expertise on compliance and benefits.

You can count on us to be your HR & Benefits technology partner.

We offer three flexible tiers of partnership. 

You don’t have to be a technology expert – we help you sell, implement and service your clients. You choose your level of control and ownership of your clients.

Get more done together

We do partnership better, and that means you have a trusted partner to help you get more done. Our solutions provide role-based access to your clients’ HR data for better insights that help you build trust.

We’ll also help you grow your business faster. We’ll help you stand out from other brokers, empowering you to provide more value with feature-rich solutions that help your clients solve problems while they reduce workload for you.

Our solutions help you increase revenue and keep clients longer for an overall advantage that builds more momentum, faster.

You’re In Control

Expand your services and raise your expertise with a true partner. We don’t compete with you. You keep your clients and you remain their broker of record.

Employers look to brokers for expertise – not only in assessing benefits plans but also for staying compliant with laws and regulations that pertain to benefits.

When your clients choose a solution from Swipeclock, compliance can be automated with reporting and insights that help you build trust.

Empower The People

The time is right to upgrade your clients to an online benefits enrollment solution.

We help brokers like you leverage our online benefits enrollment solution to make the entire enrollment season easier. With comprehensive benefits enrollment, employers empower employees with self-service to streamline the process for everyone.

Streamlined enrollment offers employees an easy way to select benefits, understand cost implications, and improve engagement throughout the entire process.

Get Answers Now

Want to get some quick answers right now? TJ is our Partner Program expert. He’s standing by to answer your questions about becoming a Swipeclock partner. No pressure, no hype; just a friendly voice and a quick answer to any of your questions.

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