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We Do Partnership Better

Becoming a Swipeclock Partner means working together in a trusted relationship designed to help your accounting business grow. Streamline, earn more, and delight your clients; Let’s get started today!

Three Great Partner Programs

Three programs to choose from – ensures our solution fits your business goals.


Our traditional Reseller Program allows you to resell Swipeclock solutions on your terms. We provide our products at wholesale pricing, and you find, service and invoice your own clients.


Our Back Office Sales Support (BOSS) Program allows you to keep a relationship with your clients and leave the sales and support to us. You refer your clients to Swipeclock. We sell and service the account and you do the billing. We’ll close the deal, and you keep the client!


Our Referral Program is the simplest way to become a Swipeclock partner. All you do is provide a referral to Swipeclock. We work to close the sale and you earn a referral fee.

Get more done together

We do partnership better, and that means you have a trusted partner to help you get more done. Our solutions help you collect timekeeping data, calculate payroll, and build compliant reports for your clients, all automatically.

We’ll also help you grow your business faster. We’ll help you stand out from other financial service providers, empowering you to provide more value with feature-rich solutions that help your clients solve problems while they reduce workload for you.

Our solutions provide an additional revenue stream for your business. Increase revenue and keep clients longer for an overall advantage that helps you build more momentum, faster.

Seamless Integration for Efficiency

Our solutions are seamlessly integrated with most payroll platforms and accounting systems to provide a higher level of efficiency and help your business thrive.

Our solutions work as a unified system with many of the platforms you already use. We also export to a variety of standard file formats for easy and efficient import into most other platforms. We’ve got you covered, either way.

Increase Revenue In More Ways

Swipeclock offers a full range of services you can offer your clients to increase monthly recurring revenue. Our solutions are designed to compliment the services you already provide. With integration to your platform, and among each other, the Swipeclock solution satisfies clients looking for all-in-one solutions.

Swipeclock solutions will also help you build client loyalty. The typical Swipeclock Partner keeps their clients an average of five years longer.

Swipeclock Partners earn an average of $7,400 more each month in recurring revenue.

Get Answers Now

Want to get some quick answers right now? TJ is our Partner Program expert. He’s standing by to answer your questions about becoming a Swipeclock partner. No pressure, no hype; just a friendly voice and a quick answer to any of your questions.

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