HowardSimon HR Management

Payroll & HR Software

Everything including payroll, 401(k), Swipeclock Time and Attendance, and HR Management in a fully integrated, simplified environment. The Swipeclock integration includes all aspects of the employee from onboarding, embedded time clocks and automated time off requests–all completed in a single portal or via the HowardSimon mobile app.

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How does Swipeclock integrate with HowardSimon HR Management?

Real-time integration between Swipeclock and HowardSimon allows for a seamless employee and administrator experience supporting all functions from payroll, HR, to retirement plan handling–all managed in a single portal or via the HowardSimon mobile app.


How do I enable the HowardSimon HR Management integration?

Integration is handled automatically by the HowardSimon proprietary integration utility–no effort or coordination required from any third parties.

How do I get Support for this Integration?

Support for this integration is provided by HowardSimon.

Please visit the support page at