Payroll Software

Employee access to earned wages before payday. Everything handled including funding.

Employees with access to their wages on-demand are less vulnerable to late bill payments and overdraft fees. Swipeclock partners can enable employer and employee access through WorkforceHub with automated deductions through payroll.

How does Swipeclock integrate with ZayZoon?

ZayZoon has created an integration with Swipeclock’s WorkforceHub that allows employees to easily access the ZayZoon application with single sign-on (SSO) from the employee WorkforceHub dashboard. 

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What data syncs between ZayZoon and Swipeclock?

No data synchronizes between the two systems. ZayZoon uses employee status and information in Swipeclock to validate active employment and grants access to ZayZoon on-demand wage requests. 


How do I enable and use the ZayZoon integration?

ZayZoon must have an integration with the payroll platform that you use and a relationship with your payroll provider.  For a list of supported platforms and to connect your payroll provider with ZayZoon, please visit:


Where do I go for Support for this Integration?

Contact ZayZoon: