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Time Tracking and Scheduling for Retail

Increase Schedule Adherence And Employee Retention.

Why Swipeclock for Retail?

Turnover is a costly problem in retail. It impacts customer satisfaction, employee morale, and the bottom line. Compliance with federal, state, and local laws plus union rules can also be challenging. Even smaller retailers with loyal employees struggle to properly staff and enforce rules that benefit everyone. Rigid schedules can lead to absenteeism or termination, while schedules that allow changes can put a burden on management to fill open shifts.

Benefits of Swipeclock Solutions for Retail

There are many significant ways that workforce management can help retailers improve schedule adherence and employee retention.

Shift-based Scheduling

Set up schedules by shift. Include certification requirements. Allow staff to trade shifts and take open shifts.

Efficient Hiring

Post retail openings in popular job sites. Track and score applicants. Identify top candidates and build a pool of potential seasonal hires.

Effective Onboarding

Ensure retail employees understand job rules. Speed ramp ups. Communicate procedures and benefits clearly and completely, and manage the paperless collection of paperwork.

Enforce Meal Breaks

Ensure compliance with regulations and schedule adherence. Avoid unplanned overtime.

Flexible Clock-in

You choose how employees clock in: physical clock, web clock or mobile app. Make it easy to track start, stop, and break time. Send reminders to prompt punches.

ACA Compliance

Stay in compliance with ACA rules regarding healthcare provision to employees.

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