Time Tracking And Scheduling For Restaurants

Improve schedule adherence and eliminate service gaps

Is shift planning taking up too much of your time?

Restaurants are busy places, with customer coming and going, and periods of intense activity. They need to be staffed properly to provide proper coverage of duties. Understaff and customer satisfaction drops. Overstaff and you have idle hands or unhappy employees sent home early. Restaurants also have two forces that combine to complicate labor management: seasonality and turnover. HR managers strive to have the right processes to make hiring and engagement effective.

Benefits Of Swipeclock For Restaurants

HR managers and restaurant owners can improve their labor costs and customer satisfaction using workforce management.

Fill Shifts in Seconds

Restaurant workers can trade shifts directly. Managers set the rules and save time while ensuring coverage.

Multi-Restaurant Tracking

Schedule and track hours for multiple locations and positions. Combine into a single detailed paystub.

Efficient Hiring And Onboarding

Track and score applications to find the best candidates. Use automated onboarding to save time and ensure compliance.

Shift Compliance

Set shift rules for length, time off, breaks, rate of pay, and tip entry to ensure compliance.

ACA Compliance

Stay in compliance with ACA rules regarding healthcare provision to employees.

Restaurants that use Swipeclock

Managing a mobile workforce can be challenging since everyone is out of the office close to 100% of the time, often in remote locations, and regularly switching between jobs. Now with Swipeclock our payroll and billing are much faster and easier to process, and are accurate to the minute.



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