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Complete Workforce Management for Hotels and Hospitality

Efficient hiring, shift management and rate-of-pay

Stop losing time and money on inefficient procedures

Almost 15 million people work in hospitality in the United States. Most of them are hourly workers and many are seasonal. Managing these employees to deliver great guest experiences while keeping costs in budget can be challenging for companies big and small. Employees may work in multiple positions with different rates of pay. They may receive tips or do tip sharing. Hiring, training, scheduling, and tracking employees by location, position, shift, and skills can be a nightmare.

Benefits of Swipeclock Solutions for Hospitality

Fortunately, workforce management can alleviate many of the frustrations experience by management and employees.

Fill Open Shifts

Allow staff to trade shifts and take open shifts. Publish schedules with advanced notice for better adherence.

Shift-based Scheduling

Set up schedules by shift. Include certification requirements. Ensure compliance with regulations and schedule adherence. Avoid unplanned overtime.

Calculate Rate Of Pay

Track hours by position and assigned rate of pay. Automatically calculate for payroll.

Efficient Hiring

Post openings on popular job sites. Track and score applicants. Identify top candidates and build a pool of future potentials. Onboard quickly.

ACA Compliance

Stay in compliance with ACA rules regarding healthcare provision to employees.

Hospitality Businesses that use Swipeclock

“With TimeWorksPlus, my client has an automated solution that increases accuracy, saves time, and improves regulatory compliance—especially for the often changing Affordable Care Act.”

Ron Drylie

Owner, RLD Consulting

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