Convenient Time Tracking For Education

Accurately track hours across all departments without the paperwork

Is your operational efficiency where you would like it to be?

The education workplace can be complicated. There are hourly workers in administrative support, food services, security, and maintenance roles, plus salaried office workers, faculty, and administrators. The campus often has multiple work areas, buildings, and even satellite locations. There can be visiting professors, student assistants, work-study participants, seasonality, and staff on sabbatical. Clearly, HR management in this environment is no easy job.

Benefits of Swipeclock Solutions for Education?

HR managers can simplify hiring, onboarding, scheduling, timekeeping, and engagement for everyone involved.

Track All Employees

Full and part time, faculty and staff, seasonal and year-round—track them all and get a complete view of all labor activities.

Stay Compliant

Ensure compliance with complex pay rules and union agreements. Enforce custom pay rules for frequency and seasonal employee count fluctuations.

Easy Time Off

Automatically accrue time off to your rules. Set vacation schedules. Align work-study hours and grant-tracking requirements.

Clock Flexibility

Employees can clock in on the go via the mobile app or at each physical location.

Track Hours To Departments

Assign faculty and staff to departments and positions for detailed labor reporting.

Educational Facilities that use Swipeclock

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