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About Syntrio’s Ethics and Code of Conduct Course

Ethics is about doing the “right” thing.

In a business setting, ethics also involves ensuring that company values are shared and upheld by all members of the organization.

The course included in WorkforceHub  introduces the concept of business ethics and highlights the company code of ethics and/or business conduct. Learners apply “the code” to a series of ethical issues common in the workplace.

This course also discusses responsibilities, procedures, and “whistleblower” protections associated with reporting ethics and/or legal violations.

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Add More Courses From Syntrio to WorkforceHub

We’ve included the Syntrio Ethics and Code of Conduct course in WorkforceHub as a starting point for your team. This course is included in the new-hire onboarding process of WorkforceHub.

Syntrio is creating additional courses that you can add to WorkforceHub. These courses will help your team learn important business topics such as ethics, compliance with federal and state regulations, and sexual harassment. They can also help your team develop important skills such as management and communications.

For over 20 years, organizations have relied on the knowledge, experience, and support of Syntrio to deliver and manage business and compliance training with complete eLearning solutions.

Syntrio has prepared a free training bundle that you can take advantage of immediately as a WorkforceHub user.

We encourage you to learn more about this valuable opportunity.

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