SwipeClock’s Integration Resources

Our key to success is our Resellers success. So our goal is to assist them with removing obstacles that may slow down or inhibit their ability to grow. We have worked hard at establishing outside relationships within the SaaS industry to provide trusted resources to our Resellers in the areas of business where they need support.

Integration Partners

We share a common goal with our integration partners, and that is to develop products that speak directly to one another by passing employee data electronically between systems. By doing so, we simplify the necessary processes that make life easier for our mutual partners and their clients.


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SwipeClock API

SwipeClock provides an application program interface (API) that enables other software applications to interact and pass employee data that saves employer’s time and eliminates the number of errors that occur with manual data entry.


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Trusted Partners

Our Trusted Partners are a community of vendors who offer various tools and resources that assist our Reseller Partners with managing their day-to-day client support needs that are required to grow their business.


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