Are you looking for an employee time and attendance solution? Would you like to try out the product instead of just reading about it? You’ve come to the right place. SwipeClock has three new product walkthroughs:

  • TimeWorksPlus Employee
  • TimeWorksPlus Employee Portal
  • WorkforceHUB

We are dedicating a blog post to each of these walkthroughs. Today’s post focuses on the TimeWorksPlus Employee Portal.


What Is TimeWorksPlus?

TimeWorksPlus is a cloud-based employee time and attendance system. Cloud-based means you don’t need to install it on your business computers. SwipeClock takes care of updates, security, and technical support. Showing is always better than telling. And one or two screenshots don’t cut it for TimeWorksPlus.

Choose Your Own Adventure

With the TimeWorksPlus Employee Portal walkthrough, above, you can see every dashboard. Push all the buttons. Take all the time you need to learn how it works. You will be greeted by the EMPLOYEE login screen. It’s clean and simple. It contains everything you need and nothing you don’t. You can click the buttons on the screen to perform various operations. Or you can advance the screens with the arrows on the bottom. Log in to the system. The navigation bar along the top of the dashboard makes it easy to move around.

Screen #2 is the EMPLOYEE dashboard. This is where employees punch in and see important announcements. It contains the TimeWorksPlus web clock front and center. Once you clock in, there is a confirmation of the time and punch type.

Missed Punch Alerts

If an employee missed their last punch, a button reminds them to correct it. Click on the MISSED PUNCH alert to see how easy it is to correct it. It pulls up a screen that lets the employee fill in the missing punch. The employee updates the shift and approves the change. Quick and easy.

Track Multiple Locations and Positions

The TRANSFER function is invaluable for businesses with more than one office, store, or restaurant. Click on it to see how employees switch job sites. This is also where you track departments or positions.

Keep Everyone In The Loop

The MESSAGE box is to the right of the web clock. Employers use this area for important information. This ensures that everyone knows about events and announcements. The MESSAGE box can be used to administer an employee engagement program. For example, you can include updates on current projects or promote your wellness program.

Timekeeping Transparency

Consider the benefits of an online time clock. Employees can see exactly when they punched in or out. They know their punch was recorded in the system. It takes the guesswork out of an essential process.

Automated Tracking

Are you currently using an old-school punch clock or paper timesheet system? How long does it take you to add up employee hours each week? How much time would TimeWorksPlus automation save you? Our clients report saving from eight to ten hours a week. Let automation take over the hours tracking.

Accuracy Provides Payroll Integrity

When computers do the calculating, you protect your payroll from human error. There is a 2%-3% error rate in manual data entry and calculation. Accurate tracking ensures payroll integrity. It also helps you maintain Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) compliance.

Online Time Cards

Let’s talk about the time card screen. You get to it by clicking on the TIME CARD button on the top navigation bar. The time card layout is straightforward. Employees can easily see which pay period is shown. The hours worked each shift is in the right-hand column.

Centralized Time Card Management

What are the advantages of online time cards? With automated time and attendance, all punches are recorded in the system. Managers have access to their teams’ time sheets. This saves time for employees and managers. Employees don’t have to fill out a paper time sheet. Companies who use paper time sheets know that employees often forget to record hours. When time cards are due at the end of the pay period, there is a mad dash to get them turned in. When employees guesstimate hours after the fact, there is a higher error rate. This could be intentional or inadvertent. Either way, the employer loses.

Time Card Approvals Made Easy

If you are using paper time cards, you know what a hassle approvals can be. Managers have to collect time cards that weren’t submitted. If an employee didn’t record a shift clock in or clock out, the manager needs to research and correct the problem. When employees add up their hours, it’s not always accurate. All of this back-and-forth is unnecessary in 2019. TimeWorksPlus is affordable and easy to use. In fact, it will save you money. Put an end to the time card scramble. Jump on board the express train to efficiency.

A Better Way To Manage Accruals

HR teams field many calls about Paid Time Off (PTO). This is understandable. Even employees who like their job would rather be vacationing. The TimeWorksPlus ACCRUALS function makes life easier for employees and administrators. You customize this tool for your company’s PTO policy. Employees can monitor their accruals on any internet-enabled device. As often as they want. This ahead-of-the-curve feature improves employee morale more than most employers realize.

In addition to monitoring accruals, employees request time off from this screen. This is logical because they need to know how much they have earned in order to request it. Click on the REQUEST TIME OFF button. It brings up a box that allows the employee to enter the desired dates. Some TimeWorksPlus users chose our solution for the express purpose of simplifying time off requests. Click in the date field. A window with a calendar opens. The employee selects the dates from a traditional calendar layout. The calendar interface reduces mistakes. (Wait a minute, I thought May 15th was a Tuesday. It’s actually a Monday. Nice save!)

Streamline Time Off Requests

Managers can see all time off requests in a centralized location. They don’t have to remember which requests they have approved. They can see when the requests were submitted. This puts all employees on a level playing field if you have a first-come-first-served policy. It eliminates the favoritism (or the appearance of it) that erodes trust.

Smart Employee Information Management

Click the employee name in the upper right-hand corner. This opens the employee information screen. Employees can update their information as needed. It doesn’t require a phone call or trip to the HR department. Basic information management is at the heart of enterprise efficiency.

For information about customizing TimeWorksPlus for your business, visit SwipeClock.

By Liz Strikwerda