Workforce Management Suite
Simple & Affordable

Combine time and attendance (TimeWorksPlus) with advanced scheduling (TimeSimplicity)  = Workforce Management.

The Power of a Suite

  • Save Your Schedule

    Saves your schedule with integrated tools for managing time and attendance by exception, and shifts scheduling accountability to your employees to reduce management impact

  • Out With Overtime

    Integrates scheduling with time and attendance to help you better manage schedule adherence including restricted clocking times, triggers, and warnings that highlight areas of abuse and risk

  • Raising Retention

    Helps you manage by exception with fewer complications and conflicts while providing you with greater flexibility in time and scheduling without sacrificing control and organization

  • Down With Deviations

    Provides easy-to-use virtual swapping and pickup boards reduce your time-consuming calling frenzies

workforce management suite

Time and Attendance

TimeWorksPlus simplifies all the challenges of timekeeping and attendance tracking

  • Simplify time tracking so you can spend less time processing payroll.
  • Accelerate time card approvals.
  • Manage scheduling and time tracking from anywhere.
  • Integrate with Quickbooks, Evolution HCM, Execupay, Payroll Vault and many others.

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Advanced Scheduling

TimeSimplicity is designed to minimize confusion and maximize profit

  • Integration with our other products is one of the key reasons we can say that our scheduling solution saves any size company a significant amount of time and money
  • We’ve streamlined the scheduling process so effectively that shifts are never left uncovered, employees are empowered to manage their own time, and managers can do a lot more, in less time
  • Go ahead and schedule your weekends for yourself

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Intelligent Clocks

Our new TimeWorksTouch Clock fully integrates with the Workforce Management Suite

  • Prevents punches if your employee is not scheduled to work
  • Informs your employee as to when they are scheduled to start
  • Uses rules and notifications to alert you on approaching thresholds with time card visibility and reporting to manage compliance
  • Biometric fingerprint scan ensures your scheduled employee is actually on the job
  • Can further enforce identification by requiring identification code

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Time Tracking On The Go

TimeWorks Mobile is our mobile workforce companion designed to empower your employees, reduce labor costs, and cut admin time

  • Fully integrated, you can expand your workforce management beyond the office
  • Employees can clock in and out remotely, review schedules after hours, manage time cards, and request time off right from their phone or tablet
  • Employers can manage time cards and time-off requests on the go
  • It’s convenient workforce management anytime, anywhere

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What’s More Compelling Than ROI?

See exactly how much you can save by upgrading to Workforce Management Suite

The average small business can save over $30,000 per year. No kidding.

Are you a business that has:

  • 25 hourly employees to manage;
  • that are paid an average of $15 per hour;
  • who work an average of 30 hours per week;
  • and are supervised by two scheduling managers;
  • who earn about $30 per hour?

Your business can save each year:

  • $8,840 in manager time savings;
  • $5,850 in unplanned overtime savings;
  • $3,300 in turnover savings;
  • $13,000 in integration savings;
  • for a TOTAL of $30,990 in annual savings!

Unplanned Overtime Savings


Turnover Savings


Manager Time Savings


Integration Savings



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