RLD Consulting strives to offer robust workforce management solutions that minimize manual intervention, for both them and their clients. TimeWorksPlus has done just that, by replacing time-consuming tasks with the ease of automation. It’s highly customizable features have proven to be a win-win solution for both RLD Consulting and their clients.

“With TimeWorksPlus, my client has an automated solution that increases accuracy, saves time, and improves regulatory compliance—especially for the often changing Affordable Care Act.”

Ron Drylie

Owner, RLD Consulting


RLD Consulting, owned and operated by Ron Drylie, is one of SwipeClock’s original partners and resellers. Several years ago, Drylie decided to switch from a payroll solution that had built-in timekeeping capabilities. In making the change, he needed to find a new time and attendance solution provider.

“After looking at several options, I met the founder of SwipeClock,” said Drylie. “We had common goals and aspirations from both technology and business perspectives. Over the years, we helped each other build our respective companies and have found that loyalty breeds loyalty.”

In working with clients, Drylie discovered that they face several common challenges including using manual, paper-based processes; difficulty understanding numerous, ever-changing regulations, and not knowing how to get started automating their payroll, time and attendance, and scheduling processes.

Solution and Results

RLD Consulting has become a successful business by offering SwipeClock’s solutions in combination with conducting a thorough discovery process for every customer. “It’s all about learning the complexities of my clients’ businesses,” said Drylie. “Once I know the ins and outs of their payroll, timekeeping, and attendance processes, I can recommend and develop just the right workforce management solution.”

One of RLD Consulting’s customers is a leading supplier of talent and equipment to the media and movie industry. During the discovery process, Drylie uncovered an incredibly complex web of pay rates, compensation rules, and expense guidelines. A “full day” could mean eight hours for one type of worker and 10 hours for another. Some employees received overtime pay after eight hours, while others didn’t receive overtime no matter how many hours they worked in a day. And, the same employee could be compensated as a cameraman one day or a boom operator the next. “It seemed that every employee’s contract was different,” said Drylie. “There were more than 20 separate scenarios that needed to be accommodated in order to automate their manual-based process.”

Fortunately, Drylie’s experience combined with the powerful scripting capabilities in TimeWorksPlus were able to meet the challenge. Drylie worked closely with SwipeClock’s knowledgeable and responsive support team to create custom time and attendance scripts, and custom exports out of TimeWorksPlus that were tied to specific earning codes. “With TimeWorksPlus up and running, my client now has an automated solution that increases accuracy and saves time by eliminating manual processes,” said Drylie. “The solution has also increased regulatory compliance, especially for the often-changing Affordable Care Act.”

TimeWorksPlus combines a robust feature set, plug-and-play time clocks, and ease-of-use to effectively automate the collection, management, and reporting of employee time and attendance. SwipeClock also offers TimeWorks Mobile to enable employees who are on the go or work from remote locations to punch in and out from their smartphones, as well as easily manage their time using SwipeClock’s mobile time tracking app. The solution also makes it easy for managers to track their employees’ time and attendance from virtually anywhere at any time.

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