So Many Ways to Save on Employee Labor

By October 14, 2015Blog


Employee labor is among an employer’s greatest expenses. The good news is that there are many, many ways to minimize this cost with automated timekeeping. Controlling overtime costs is only the beginning. It’s for this reason that automated timekeeping is such a critical tool for employers.

A small investment in timekeeping can return immense savings. Here are just some of the ways employers can save.

Employees arrive late, leave early, and take long breaks. They also forget or approximate in/out times… in their favor. They’re not dishonest. They’re just human.

If you’re not using automated timekeeping you are overpaying for labor. But that doesn’t have to be the case. With automated timekeeping, employees are paid for the time they work, not an inflated best guess.


According to Nucleus Research, 3 out of 4 companies experience loss from buddy punching.

Whether it’s employee “buddy punching,” falsifying punch times or just getting paid but not doing the work, you pay dearly when you don’t have the right tools. When employees are dishonest, everyone suffers. The solution is actually quite simple (yes, automated timekeeping!).


Take the pain out of collecting time and preparing payroll! Turn days into hours and hours into minutes. Tracking hours, overtime, holidays, time off requests, accruals balances, and more, is a hassle. People make mistakes, so tracking this stuff usually results in costly errors. But automated timekeeping will simplify and change how you do business.

You deserve happy HR and payroll people, so give them their sanity back with automated timekeeping!