Five Things You Can do to Avoid ACA Penalties

By April 5, 2016Blog

1)    Determine your employees ACA status—Full-time or Full-time equivalent.

2)    Track employees hours to the minute.

3)    Set thresholds on the number of hours employees can work.

4)    Keep accurate, auditable timekeeping records.

5)    Accessible reports at your fingertips.

This list may appear a bit daunting but don’t worry we have the solutions to make all of this possible with the ease of system automation—TimeWorksPlus and TimeSimplicity.

TimeWorksPlus enables you to track hours worked to determine FT or FTE status. It also provides an electronic “paper” trail for accurate and untampered reporting purposes and provides a Work Week and Work Month report that contains the total of hours worked for that week, and or pay period. You can also set threshold alerts to show you who is coming up on 30 hours worked.

TimeSimplicity enables you to set an hour limit per employee schedule that gives the scheduler an immediate warning when they attempt to add a shift to an employee who is at the threshold of 29-hours. The qualifying number of hours that determine an employee’s status of full-time or full-time equivalent for ACA are 30-hours per week or 130-hours per month.