Swipeclock + IRIS AcquisitionSwipeclock + IRIS Acquisition

Brilliant Time & Attendance Integrated with PrismHR

Swipeclock provides time and attendance solutions with an elegant integration to the PrismHR Dashboard. We’ve spent years perfecting time tracking and as a point solution provider, we have the deep time tracking knowledge you can rely on for your clients. 

Our time and attendance solutions are tailored for PEOs and ASOs, and built to leverage the PrismHR-Swipeclock partnership for unprecedented efficiency.

Flexible Solutions for your Clients

Having spent decades mastering the complex fundamental of scheduling, labor optimization and timekeeping, Swipeclock has a unique perspective and ability to deliver a solution that simplifies time and labor work, while offering advanced capabilities for the more complicated scenarios.

WorkforceHub Time Plus has all the advanced features you’ve come to love (from TimeWorksPlus), plus new ones you’ll love even more. Our next-gen solution comes with a completely updated user interface that is easy to use and the crisp design of modern consumer-grade apps. Advanced efficiency will help your PEO streamline operations to save you time and money. 

New tools offer better insight at your desk or from your mobile device.

A simple migration from
Time to Time Plus

Next-generation essential timekeeping is available to your clients through your PrismHR Core offering as WorkforceHub Time. WorkforceHub Time Plus is our next-generation advanced time and attendance solution for new clients looking for features comparable to TimeWorksPlus. 

Partners who offer both can move clients seamlessly from WorkforceHub Time to WorkforceHub Time Plus, providing the ultimate client upgrade experience.


Provide advanced timekeeping functionality including breaks/meals tracking, custom pay periods, shift differentials, overtime alerts, employee types, and customizable clock prompts.

Employee Scheduling

Enable effortless schedule creation with templates, drag & drop and copy & paste. Easily give advanced employee notification of schedules and provide simplified employee shift swapping and shift pickup.

Mobile Time-off Management

Offer easy, on-the-move way for employees check their time-off balances as well as request time off — all from their mobile device. Managers review requests and see approved time off in the schedule.

Clock In/Out Convenience

Equip your employers with a wide range of clock options. Track employee time from the PrismHR dashboard or upsell to advanced biometric clock hardware including facial recognition and temperature scanning technology.

Mobile Tools

Empower employees to engage on the go. Our mobile app allows employees to track time on the go. They can also request time off, view their schedule, and swap shifts from their mobile phone. Managers can keep an eye on schedules, approve time, and more. Employers can track location, too with optional geofencing. Ask us how.

Integration with PrismHR

Our integration with PrismHR allows one system of record for unprecedented efficiency. Automatically sync data back to HR and add widgets to your PrismHR dashboard to track time, view schedules, and manage PTO.

See what WorkforceHub Time Plus can do for your business