Build a complex schedule in less time than your best employee spends on break.


TimeSimplicity improves schedule adherence, efficiency and morale by easing the process of employee scheduling and shift planning.


  • Create scheduling workflows to improve efficiency
  • Transfer shift swapping to your employees and free up time
  • Simplify compliance with state and local scheduling laws
  • Build templates using any shift variable
  • Schedule for multiple locations and employee types

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“Now that we have used TimeSimplicity for a while, we can’t imagine how we managed our time keeping before. TimeSimplicity is a great fit for a small or medium sized company like The Phoenix Residence.”

– Alan Berner Vice President of Community Services,
The Phoenix Residence


Dealing with last-minute schedule changes, new production requirements, multi-shifts, or seasonal issues? TimeSimplicity makes it easy to build, review, and adjust schedules as needed. We take the hassle out of scheduling.


Predictive Scheduling

Rapidly assemble and publish demand-based schedules that give employees advance notice and the power to adjust through shift trading.


Shift Management

Create and assign shifts, then approve/modify employee drop/trade requests to meet business demand, budget, labor law, and employee preference. ​

Real-Time Compliance Checking

Avoid violating overtime limits, shift length limits, break rules, and required certifications. Connect schedule to external timekeeping system for enforcement.

Overtime Management

Eliminate unplanned overtime. Get an alert when there are compliance issues including max hours, and max shift length. Require manager approval for shift swaps, avoiding accidental overtime.

High Efficiency

Use templates, multi-dimensional scheduling, employee preferences, certification tracking, overtime management and more to cut the time and effort involved in schedules.

Engaged Staff

Give employees 24/7 online access. Instantly notify qualified staff when shifts are available, providing equal opportunity.

Quick Alerts

Fill open and dropped shifts in minutes. Instantly notify staff using their preferred channels, including email and text.

Manage Certifications

Track certifications and expirations. Match shifts to qualified employees.

Connect to Time & Attendance

Seamlessly connect to TimeWorksPlus for timekeeping, attendance and schedule enforcement.

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