SwipeClock: Aligned with Partner’s Present and Future Needs

Paul StevensBased on interview with Paul Stevens

For most companies, balancing the needs of customers (partners in SwipeClock’s case) with its own business goals is often a matter of give and take. SwipeClock is unique in this regard because it works hard to ensure that the needs and goals of both the company and partners are very well aligned. This is due to an organizational structure that is intentionally designed to listen to partners and incorporate their feedback into the product roadmap in the form of existing product updates and upcoming workforce management solutions.

“Because we work closely with our partners throughout the product development process, I believe my work as architect of SwipeClock’s workforce management solutions is very aligned to what they want and need to succeed,” said Paul Stevens, CTO for SwipeClock. “Our Support and Product teams do a great job of actively listening to our partners to understand their points of view, communicating our plans, and coming to a common understanding and alignment.”

Current Initiatives: Enhanced Integration and Increased Intelligence

A top priority for SwipeClock is creating a seamless and consistent experience across its time, attendance, and scheduling solutions. To do this, the company is opening up its TimeWorksPlus and TimeSimplicity software with additional and more encompassing application programming interfaces (APIs). This allows payroll providers to more easily integrate popular SwipeClock features and capabilities seamlessly into their own portals.

With this functionality employers receive the features they need to better manage their workers and ensure compliance with labor laws. At the same time, SwipeClock’s partners can better compete with new solutions from the behemoth payroll providers such as ADP and Paychex.  

In addition, SwipeClock is bringing intelligence to timekeeping and advanced scheduling. The company just launched its new Workforce Management Clock, which includes a rich set of intelligent, proactive, and dynamic capabilities that greatly improve employee interactions with the time clock so labor data are more accurate. The new clock greatly reduces the time required to process and finalize payroll and improves employer records, which keeps companies in compliance with labor laws and regulations.

The Workforce Management Clock also creates a new platform for SwipeClock to deliver its services while ensuring a consistent experience across any computing device including mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and even payroll partner portals. This provides much greater flexibility and convenience for employees and employers since they can use the devices they are already have and are familiar with.

Moreover, SwipeClock aims to set a positive example for the HR/payroll industry with its integrated and intelligent workforce management solutions. “We see a significant opportunity to offer users with a cohesive, easy-to-use, and intuitive interface,” said Stevens. “We are leading by example with our current and future workforce management solutions. And while it will take some time to change the status quo, it is encouraging to see other HR software companies making strides in this area.”

Near Future: Actionable Analytics

Beyond its current initiatives, SwipeClock has a tremendous opportunity to help its partners and their clients succeed and grow. SwipeClock manages a tremendous amount of timekeeping, attendance, and scheduling data. Everyday, the company processes punch data for close to one million workers. By analyzing this data, SwipeClock could deliver actionable insights to its partners.

For example, a SwipeClock partner could be sent an alert when one of their clients started accruing an abnormal amount of overtime. Seeing that the employer is only using TimeWorksPlus, the partner could approach them about using SwipeClock’s advanced scheduling solution—TimeSimplicity. “Today, our partners generally don’t know the best time to talk with their clients about using SwipeClock’s other solutions,” said Stevens. “As we add new analytics capabilities, they will be able to more effectively serve clients while at the same time growing their own businesses.”

Nearly Limitless Future Opportunities

Analytics is just one of the areas SwipeClock is paying attention to so it can stay at the forefront of technology to provide the best possible workforce management solutions.

It’s no secret that employment regulations are on the rise. From the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to Payroll-based journal (PBJ) reporting, employers are required to comply with a cacophony of complex and confusing laws that they may not completely understand. While this is a challenge for people who run and own businesses, it is a tremendous opportunity for SwipeClock’s partners.

“A friend of mine runs a start up company that has grown to more than 50 employees,” said Stevens. “As the business grew, it was clear that there wasn’t enough time in the day to manually manage every required aspect of the workforce, and still do everything else that was required to run a successful business.”

Even for larger businesses with human resources departments, the number of automatic time punches can quickly reach into the thousands. “Today, there is just too much workforce information that must be tracked and managed, making manual processes nearly impossible,” said Stevens. “The opportunities to improve the way employers manage their workforces are nearly limitless.”

This is where SwipeClock comes in. With integrated solutions that continually evolve to meet the needs of a rapidly changing workforce management industry, SwipeClock enables its partners to grow by helping their clients succeed. “In short, when our partners succeed, we succeed,” concluded Stevens. “It’s a very symbiotic relationship. And this drives us to ensure our goals as a company are always aligned with those of our partners so we can all take advantage of a promising future.”

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