Sharing Success with Trusted Partners

justinwilliams-horizotnalAn interview with Justin Williams

As Managing Director of Channel Development and Partner Growth, Justin Williams oversees SwipeClock’s Channel Development Managers (CDMs). CDMs are in constant contact with the company’s more than 800 channel partners as internal advocates, trainers, and problem solvers. SwipeClock’s partners in turn sell the company’s workforce management solutions to businesses of all sizes across the United States.

“Partners are the key to SwipeClock’s success,” said Williams. “When they win, we win. This is why we are committed to helping our partners build and grow their businesses by cultivating long-term relationships based on mutual trust.”

To accomplish this, Williams’ team of dedicated CDMs are regularly talking to SwipeClock’s partners about how to improve their marketing, when it makes sense to upgrade, and informing them of new and upcoming workforce management solutions. SwipeClock offers a Premium Partner Marketing program to help grow partners’ businesses with tried and tested tools and assets. SwipeClock also provides upgrade support and training, and recently launched an innovative Workforce Management Clock that is creating new opportunities for the channel. The CDMs also answer questions and work closely with SwipeClock’s Support organization to solve challenges as quickly as possible.

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Williams and his team are focused on providing the kind of value that only working with SwipeClock can bring to a partner’s business. “The ability to provide a meaningful workforce management solution that delivers accuracy, visibility and accountability in a single integrated solution is incredibly powerful because it results in a very impressive ROI. Our Workforce Management solution reduces costs, increases productivity, and improves employee performance while at the same ensuring employers are in compliance with ACA, PBJ, FLSA, and other labor laws.” This means SwipeClock’s partners have access to a leading-edge workforce management solution that includes the support and infrastructure they can depend on, at a very competitive price.

Another important aspect of building trust is meeting with partners in person as often as possible. “There is no substitute for face-to-face time,” said Williams, who is dedicated to spending time and effort to meet with SwipeClock’s partners across the country. “We love our partners and we make sure it shows.”

Being onsite with partners allows Williams to get a deeper understanding of what’s happening in SwipeClock’s channel where there are often other solution providers competing for business. “Understanding the challenges each partner faces gives us a unique ability to react with the right tools and updates,” explained Williams. He helps increase the impact of the CDMs by facilitating and extending what they are doing with partners from the home office. Finally, Williams can better experience the nuances and complexities of partners’ businesses so that SwipeClock can respond with the right resources that actually help.

“We simply can’t sit in an Ivory Tower and think we understand what is really happening with our channel partners and the workforce management market,” said Williams. “It sounds basic, but one thing that sets SwipeClock apart is our commitment to spending time with our partners in person, online, and over the phone. This is the key to developing long-term trusted relationships.” The result of this commitment to channel partners is one of the main reasons SwipeClock has healthy year-over-year double-digit growth as well as a growing list of thriving partners.

Williams believes another reason for SwipeClock’s success is that everyone in the company—from the receptionist to the CEO—has a similar philosophy when it comes to understanding the importance of partners. “Everyone is doing everything they can in their sphere of influence to ensure our partners’ success,” explains Williams. This has led to an environment of shared respect. “I believe our channel partners sincerely like who they work with at SwipeClock and the support we give them is a huge differentiator,” he concludes.

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It is also helpful to have all employees on the same page when understanding SwipeClock’s partners. Williams and his team of CDMs have established formal processes for passing information and insights about partners to the rest of the company. Williams holds regular meetings with the CDMs and has weekly executive management briefings to communicate important partner information. CDMs regularly interface with SwipeClock’s Support and Marketing teams, and reports are delivered to Product Development for updates and future planning. All of this creates a unified front across SwipeClock’s partner-facing organizations.

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“Overwhelmingly, partners want to know where our workforce management solutions are headed and how SwipeClock will play a role in their businesses going forward,” said Williams. “Knowing this, we are consistent in our positioning about what we’re doing and where SwipeClock is going. By combining this positioning and making adjustments based on real partner feedback, we can all work from the same playbook. The end result is that our programs provide productive support, and our products solve real market problems.”

In short, SwipeClock has its partners’ best interests in mind when it comes to where SwipeClock is going. “We are constantly striving to talk with every partner to make sure their voices are heard,” said Williams. “This is key to our success and the success of our partners.”

This listening infrastructure is critical at a time when the workforce management industry is going through such fast and significant change. With new components of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) coming online and big changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) happening right now, companies across the country are forced to pay even more attention to emerging compliance standards.

Fortunately for SwipeClock and its partners, this rapidly shifting landscape creates tremendous business opportunities. For example, it is estimated that the FLSA changes alone will impact 64% of all businesses in the United States. This means these companies must now get up to speed and make changes to become compliant or face fines that could cripple their business.

While business owners are doing their best to understand the new laws, complexities and time constraints are taking much needed focus away from running their business. This situation is driving awareness about the need to implement an integrated workforce management solution. And the first place they turn for answers is to their HR and payroll providers.

This is where SwipeClock and its partners come in. “We create a winning situation for everyone involved,” said Williams. “By offering workforce management solutions through our partners, their clients win by reducing compliance risk and having more time to focus on running their companies. Partners win by adding new clients and expanding the services they offer to existing ones. SwipeClock wins by helping our partners deliver more profitable workforce management solutions. This is what business is all about—sharing success among trusted partners.”

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