Features of TimeWorks Plus Bundled with Workforce Management Clock

January 4th, 2017 SwipeClock announced new bundling of Workforce Management Clock & TimeWorks Plus

TimeWorksPlus will now include all the features of Workforce Management Clock and TimeWorksPlus Bundle.

TimeWorks, SwipeClock’s legacy time & attendance platform, will continue to be supported for users and partners for the foreseeable future.

It’s about time. SwipeClock’s simplified bundle.

TimeWorksPlus now includes accruals, approvals, punch API & TimeWorksPlus mobile app.

TimeWorksPlus Advantages

Advantage 1



TWP enables easy compliance management and accurate reporting for ACA, PBJ and DOL

Advantage 2

More Editing Options

Edit Punches

Allows employees, supervisors and managers to edit punch details and approve timecards

Advantage 3



Manager dashboard for employee status, management and review

Advantage 4



Support for accruals with flexible configuration policies

Advantage 5

Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service

Feature-rich Employee Self-Service using web clocks, mobile app or touch-screen hardware clocks

Advantage 6

Schedule Management

Schedule Management

Schedule management for both supervisors and employees, now with clock lockout, PunchLogic, break tracking and transfers.

Advantage 7

Mobile App Access

Mobile App Access

Punches and timecard management for employees and supervisors from the TimeWorksPlus mobile app

Advantage 8

API Solutions

API Solutions

Extend SwipeClock timekeeping features to other applications including self-service portals, HR platforms and payroll solutions

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Questions and Answers

Product FAQs

Q: What will be new in TimeWorksPlus?

A: Several things. First, a new feature called “clock lock-out” will be added to TWP. When used in conjunction with the basic scheduling in TWP, employers have the ability to control who can punch in at what times and in which locations. Also, all the features currently in Workforce Management Clock and TWP Bundle will be included with TWP. These features include break keys, mobile app access, punch logic, accruals and more. See the comparison chart for the benefits and advantages of TWP ver TW.

Q: Why are you aggregating all time & attendance features into one product?

A: Several reasons of which Customer Satisfaction is primary. The market is moving to single model with product that provide a range of services and continuously updated features. This change positions SwipeClock and its partners to better compete by providing customers with simpler choices, easier buying decisions and the assurance that they can take advantage of new enhancements and technology without rethinking their current solution.

Q: What are the benefits to me as a reseller?

A: SwipeClock resellers get the following benefits:

• Better customer retention. As SwipeClock develops new timekeeping features, these are added to the product and clients utilize as needs increase with no additional buying decisions.

• Simplified selling. One product for common timekeeping.

Q: Am I required to upgrade to TimeWorksPlus?

A: Swipeclock will continue to support legacy TimeWorks for the foreseeable future.

Q: Will SwipeClock continue to enhance TimeWorks with new features?

A: While we will continue to support TimeWorks, all development efforts and enhancements will be directed towards TimeWorksPlus.

Q: Will Workforce Management Suite still be sold?

A: Yes. Workforce Management Suite includes both TimeWorksPlus (time & attendance) and TimeSimplicity (robust scheduling).

Timing FAQs

Q: When will TWP with new features be available?

A: March 1, 2017.

Upgrade FAQs

Q: How long does it take to upgrade my TimeWorks accounts to TimeWorksPlus?

A: This depends on how many accounts need to be upgraded. A member of our team will evaluate your TimeWorks customers to determine which accounts will be easiest to upgrade and which accounts will take a bit more effort. Once this evaluation is complete, our team will provide the partner with a recommended timeline for each group of accounts.

Q: I don’t know how to train my TimeWorks clients on TimeWorksPlus. Will SwipeClock handle training all my TimeWorks clients on the new system?

A: We offer training for Managers, Supervisors and Employees every Friday via our ‘Upgrade Friday’s Training Series’. This online course is a white label training available to all of our channel partner’s end users. The course will outline key differences between TimeWorks and TimeWorksPlus and highlight the ‘How-To’s of standard workflow and functionality between the two systems.

Q: How will Partners get training to implement and support TimeWorksPlus?

A: The SwipeClock Online Learning Resource (SOLR) learning management system, contains a series of training videos that provide service and support teams with the knowledge needed to run back office operations on TimeWorksPlus. In addition, the SwipeClock Professional Services Team will offer one free implementation of a new TimeWorksPlus client in order to help train service and support staff. If you do not have a login to the SOLR system, please contact your CDM to obtain login credentials.

Will we be adding a TimeWorksPlus certification course and test to the SOLR system soon. This will allow partner teams to be accredited for all back office functions on the TimeWorksPlus system.


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