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The Swipeclock BOSS Partner Program

Would you like to keep your clients longer and make more money without adding any overhead costs?

BOSS stands for Back Office Sales Support and as a BOSS Partner, just provide your end-user leads and our sales and support teams will close the sale and then perform all setup, training and daily support for your clients. You handle the billing—we’ll handle the rest.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you.


Call us at 888.223.3450

All of the Staff—None of the Overhead

You’ll provide contact information for your prospects and let us take it from there, long term. All you’ll do is handle billing—and keep sending referrals. We’ll help you focus on what you do best while you count on us to grow your business.


Call us at 888.223.3450

Offer Time, Attendance and Scheduling in Minutes—Not Weeks

With staff ready and eager to maximize every opportunity, we’ll help you begin acquiring and serving customers faster than you thought possible. Trade your learning curve for immediate opportunities to grow your business.

Close More Business

With our proven and trusted product suite as part of your offering, you’ll gain a competitive advantage and the ability to offer incoming prospects a more complete workforce management solution.

Still Your Client

We’ll take care of implementation and operational support while you continue to bill for services and manage the relationship with your client.

Become a Swipeclock BOSS Partner

Call us at 888.223.3450 or fill out the form below.

Learn Why You Should Be Using Swipeclock

Join the ranks of 30,000+ businesses that use Swipeclock Workforce Management products.
Call us at 888.223.3450 or fill out the form below.


Simplify time tracking. Reduce labor costs and unplanned overtime. Punch in via web or physical clocks. Seamlessly integrates with industry-leading payroll platforms.


Build schedules based on skills required, labor law constraints, employee preferences and much more. Manage multiple shifts with ease. Automatically notify your employees with shift changes.


Attract top talent to your organization. Post job openings, collaboratively screen and track candidates. Hire high-quality employees in the shortest time at lowest effort.


Track breaks, enforce schedules, eliminate buddy punching, and enabled self-service at the clock.

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