WorkforceHub is Available to All Your Clients

Mar 21, 2023

At Swipeclock, we offer solutions that help our partners achieve the following goals:

  • Maximize payroll efficiency
  • Improve long-term retention
  • Increase annual revenue

We have built integrations with various payroll platforms to meet the first goal on that list. Additionally, our file export works with any system, connecting timekeeping data to payroll for improved accuracy. We can easily provide WorkforceHub to any of your clients, or you can resell our time and labor solutions as a Swipeclock Partner.

Every one of your clients can use WorkforceHub, regardless of what payroll platform is used to process employee pay. Having all of our clients on the same system makes your life easier and more efficient, while your clients are happy with the solutions available.

When you’re looking to save time and money, WorkforceHub is the answer. This powerful platform handles time and attendance data for small-to-midsized businesses. But beyond that, WorkforceHub empowers clients to manage processes on their own. This frees up your time for other tasks without sacrificing their needs. File exports and integrations connect the platform to other solutions while automated timekeeping ensures accuracy across the board.

Beyond the time-saving benefits, offering WorkforceHub also protects you and your clients from legal issues. Imagine this: An employee doesn’t receive the right pay due to a timekeeping error. The business could face several problems as a result. This employee might get frustrated and quit, requiring the company to backfill the position and spend more on hiring.

Depending on the extent of the error, the employee could even take legal action against the business. Poor compliance with payroll regulations can also result in fines and penalties. But identifying potential time errors before running payroll can reduce these risks and keep your clients compliant with the latest labor laws.

Explore why Swipeclock does partnership better. We’d love to provide a demo of WorkforceHub and its powerful features that are available to everyone.

We also covered four additional ways WorkforceHub will provide a better experience for you and your clients:

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